All You Need is love… and a Highly Trained Patient Coordinator

Imagine, there’s no turnover…it’s easy if you have a great PCC… The position has many names – Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), Surgical Consultant, Patient Concierge – but, the position of a highly trained salesperson in your practice, in our view, is the most important hire your practice will ever make.

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Indeed, truly superb PCCs grow your bottom line in many cases more than any other factor other than safe, natural outcomes and excellent service.  Sure, your clinical positions and practice managers are necessary pieces of the puzzle, but a highly trained PCC builds the deepest relationships with your patients, leading to higher patient satisfaction, higher booking ratios, and ultimately, practice growth.

“I don’t need a PCC because…

… we are just starting out as a new practice.

… we are a small practice.

… we have a large practice in spite of not using PCCs.

… we are primarily non-surgical.”

Our response to these objections? No matter the size or scope, we strongly believe your practice needs an industry-leading PCC. Let’s discuss why…

Do you want to know a secret…do you promise to tell (ok, then we’ll share this story)?

A few years ago, we met a young doctor within the first year of starting his own practice. He didn’t have, or think he needed, a PCC and felt that the practice was too small to warrant one. After many conversations, the practice decided to select our YellowTelescope Long-Term Consulting program and we got to work doing what we do best. We sourced a superb PCC for the practice, trained her for the role, and followed her progress every week for months.

After nearly three years, the cosmetic side of his practice exploded with growth. The PCC now books 80%-85% of all consultations on the same day, allowing the doctor more time to focus on surgery, build the practice, and enjoy his life outside of work (what a concept!). The doctor now views his PCC as indispensable. While a variety of things contributed to the success of this practice, the role of PCC directly correlates to their fast and impressive growth. As you might have guessed, the story above is about a specific doctor we have in mind, but also is the story of nearly every doctor with whom we have worked. All of our long-term clients average 60-95% same-day booking ratios.

It’s just another day… (what does a PCC actually do?)

The role of PCC can take various forms. Smaller offices may have someone working part-time or as a hybrid manager/coordinator, whereas larger practices may employ multiple PCCs, each with specific tasks. The role of most PCCs looks something like this:

  • Communicate with patients prior to appointments including completing a thorough patient intake phone call to “weed in” prepared candidates for consultations.
  • Greet patients in a professional and engaging manner.
  • Introduce new patients to the office and staff, making them feel comfortable at every step.
  • Participate in patient consultations and communicate information about recommended procedures to save the doctor’s time.
  • Discuss treatment costs and schedule surgery with patients before they leave the office.
  • In the rare event a patient does not schedule the same day, follow up with patients consistently.
  • Return new patient phone calls and emails within 24 hours and ideally within minutes.
  • Nurture patient relationships to encourage patient retention.
  • Work with the practice team to ensure each patient receives the best care and service possible.

All PCCs are great in the YellowTelescope, the YellowTelescope, the YellowTelescope… (What qualities make a superb PCC?)

Aside from the obvious traits – personable, nice, genuine – a PCC must be a sophisticated communicator and salesperson, plus a speedy computer whiz, and tenacious about follow-up calls and emails. We often seek candidates with a minimum of three to five years of high-end or luxury sales experience with a demonstrated track record of overachieving. Instead of specific industry experience that can be learned, we seek those who can communicate with luxury buyers, build genuine relationships with clients, and who can show success through quantifiable metrics such as the number of dollars sold. And don’t forget work ethic – winning employees in all areas of life are willing to roll sleeves and execute.

Other qualities we consider are follow-up and organizational skills. The individual will likely be contacting 25 to 100 people daily in the practices we oversee (which often do between a few hundred thousand and well over 10 million a year in sales with just one doctor) and must be able to type quickly and accurately and have the innate need to complete their tasks. A great patient care coordinator is someone who would never dream of having 50 unopened emails or a full mailbox. And if their voicemail is full when we call, it’s grounds for dismissal ?

As the Beatles lyric goes, “There’s nowhere you can’t be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” Don’t let any more time pass without a PCC who can take your practice to the next level. Contact us for advice or to learn more about how we help so many practices grow by $200,000 to $2,000,000 each year. Click here or call 305-455-0720!

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