Loyalty and Turnover are Important

When Is It Time To Fire My Practice ManagerLoyalty in the medical field and in practice management is important. Turnover is not a positive in most cases. With that said, there is a time and a place for healthy turnover.  YellowTelescope believes that loyalty does not mean you keep all of your employees forever. Instead, it means you allow the employee an opportunity to change for the better or admit they are a dinosaur and let them go.  Indeed, doctors work hard to build a practice and earn a living – 35 years of education is not to go unnoticed – and your employees put their heart and soul into their jobs daily. It is their life, not just yours. That should entitle an employee if they are not performing as well as you know they are able, to be spoken to, be allowed to correct mistakes and behaviors, and be retained.

Ultimately if a practice manager, salesperson, patient coordinator, receptionist or other loyal employee is told that change must occur, is given fair warning and reasonable feedback, and still does not perform, it is time to make a change in that role.  Loyalty ensures you have given them a chance. Just as if you scolded an employee erroneously, loyalty should dictate that they do not quit and simply ask for an apology or address the issue. If your behavior worsens or you remain unreasonable you deserve to lose that employee to a competitor – they were loyal but you did not change when in the wrong.  Similarly the employee must change and accomplish your goals, if they are reasonable, and if they do so they should be rewarded with your loyalty.

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