The Web Team Conundrum and a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

We meet many of our clients at conventions after giving speeches. With regularity we are asked our opinion in hallways about different web teams. “Are they great web developers who build terrific sites?”, “Any thoughts on how to manage my web team or hold any level of accountability?”, “How do I know if they are really SEO or reputation management experts?”.

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This led our executive team to ask hundreds of doctors at the last few meetings in Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando these same questions in order to tease out who was particularly pleased with their site builders, SEO teams, social media and reputation managers. The answers were varied, however we commonly heard: “I think they are doing pretty well, but it’s hard to say”, “We rotate web teams and have trouble even judging progress, but we are not happy”, and “I had to throw my website away because my web team messed up so badly”.

Joshua Steimle, writing for Forbes and outlining tips for hiring web teams described the profession using a quote by Rex. E. Lee originally meant for attorneys, which rings true: “It’s a shame that an entire profession should be maligned because of two or three hundred thousand bad apples.” So, yes, there are some great companies and web gurus out there, but they are surrounded by undertrained technicians, poor managers, scam artists, charismatic and talented leaders that grow too quickly and surround themselves with mediocrity or well-intentioned bumbling workers promising to create leads.

Perhaps our biggest shock in talking to doctors, practice administrators, and patient coordinators was that there was not a single individual who could categorically describe themselves as truly happy with their web team. We realized this stems from a theory YellowTelescope had several years ago and now believes wholeheartedly, which can be broken into 3 simple points:

  1. While most web teams have good intentions, many do not, and even those who do still cut corners, miss opportunities, are spread thin and do not achieve for many of their clients what they could and should.
  2. Doctors and their teams cannot solve this problem as they do not understand the technical minutiae and what must happen “behind the screen” in order to build sites properly and maximize search engine rankings, nor can they pay an incentive or commission that would motivate teams to perform.
  3. Doctors are left with a web conundrum: If they stay with their current team, the same results continue without a way to prove excellence. If they change web teams, they have no way to know or ensure the new team is any better. This leads to helplessness and more web teams that profit handsomely despite poor results.

So, do you actually believe your web team is superb? Why? How many leads are you receiving? Why not double that number? Exactly what does your web team do for what you are paying each month? Even if you are technically savvy, do you really have time to manage the process?

YellowTelescope asked these questions years ago and finally made a decision to solve the problem. We hired full-time, in-house web developers and SEO experts. We paid them commission (as we are not doctor owned, we can do so) so they had incentive to perform, and as expected, our results were impressive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hire our 6-figure Web Gurus to help you full-time? Unfortunately at that price, most cannot – it would not make financial sense. We did, however, find a solution – imagine if you could have these gurus manage projects like building a new site, help you find and vet the best of the best and weed out low-quality providers, and oversee your SEO, social media, and reputation management teams at a fraction of their full-time cost? What if you had true oversight for your entire web presence ensuring your capacity is reached?

Now, you can. We are proud to introduce for the first time in our 6 year history – during which every practice we have ever worked with has grown by between $100,000 and $1,250,000 in a single year:




We do not make this announcement lightly – we have vetted, tested, and researched for years before unveiling SEOversite. It works – there are no long-term contracts, we do not compete with the web teams you utilize, and prices are affordable. For more information, read our next YellowTelescope Newsletter – Issue 20 – check out our website, and email us for more information at guardian@SEOversite.com. We are proud to introduce “The Guardian Angels Watching Over Your Online Presence.”

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