You’d also be exactly on point if you guessed it was the most popular day for applicants to go online and seek a new job according to Monster.  In her article in Fast Company (, Stephanie Vozza illuminates, through her various interviews with impressively-titled and similar executives, this fact, along with the realities we often overlook or fail to understand, which include that 20% of people will leave their job this year, and 30% of millennials expect to have a new job by year-end. What are the implications for your practice?

  •  If you need help, look now! Just like a retail sale, the best of what is available tends to go first. While there are always excellent candidates silently waiting like diamonds in the rough, the job of securing talented employees is much easier earlier in the year. More people are looking, plus less have been taken off the market so there is no better time than the first quarter of the year.
  • Watch out if you love your employees.  Often business owners and managers get overconfident and assume that those who have been loyal to them in years past will continue their loyalty for years to come. The evidence, quite simply, does not support that belief.  Now is the perfect time to evaluate the opportunity each role in your practice offers and confirm you are at or above the market offering. Consider reviewing compensation and providing raises to anybody who has done well and not received a raise in the past year.  Consider how excited you would personally be about the perks and benefits of working within your organization. Ask yourself if there are reasonably priced and prudent improvements to your insurance offerings, vacation and PTO package, 401k or similar retirement plans, and even how often you have an offsite meeting or celebration with your team.
  • Talk to your team. Often doctors and managers do not feel they have a strong grasp on how their team is feeling, yet have not taken a few minutes to sit down in one-on-one sessions to confirm job satisfaction, garner suggestions, and review areas of improvement. Docket a few hours in the coming weeks to meet with your team members and commit to making at least one improvement in each person’s workday.

Employment is a two-way street.  We expect team members to work hard, earn pay raises, maintain professionalism, honesty, and ethics.  Tenure matters and the desire to grow is paramount. If you are lucky to have employees that personify these characteristics, take the steps necessary to keep them in the 80% of people who will not leave their job this year. If you feel you lack people on the bus, have the wrong people, or have them in the wrong seat, the winter and spring are ideal times to upgrade and set your business on a path to success in 2016. Should you desire or need help in staffing your practice, you are not alone.  Consider reaching out to us at to schedule a time to speak – we specialize in staffing practice manager, patient coordinator/sales, new associate, front office, and similar positions and add impressive training and unparalleled ongoing oversight to help your practice grow.