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YellowTelecast Episode #17: The Cost of Conversions

So many practices fail to consider what the true value of a single additional conversion means to the return on their investment in marketing. Join Jon and Ed for the 17th installment of the YellowTelecast, recorded live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino prior to The Whisky Extravaganza, as they dissect how to…

plastic surgery team

Issue #62 – All You Need is love… and a Highly Trained Patient Coordinator

All You Need is love… and a Highly Trained Patient Coordinator Imagine, there’s no turnover…it’s easy if you have a great PCC… The position has many names – Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), Surgical Consultant, Patient Concierge – but, the position of a highly trained salesperson in your practice, in our view, is the most important hire…

new technology

Issue #61 – How to Successfully Launch a New Device

How to Successfully Launch a New Medical Device You took the plunge and purchased that shiny new medical device. Now the first bill hit your credit card, the machine is in route to your office, and you’re eager to capitalize on the investment. But let’s face it – there’s no marketing plan in place, staff…

2020 Reading List

Issue #60 – The YellowTelescope 2020 Reading List

The YellowTelescope 2020 Reading List Welcome to YT’s 2020 reading list roundup. We’ve gone through and asked the team what they’re looking forward to reading to kick off the new decade and their answers, as expected, do not disappoint. Check out this list and snag yourself a copy, or several, of these texts.

Save Money in 2020

Issue #59 – 4 Ways to Save More Money in 2020

4 Ways to Save More Money in 2020 As the year comes to an end, it’s time to set your sights on what’s possible in 2020. The core goal of our consultancy is to help “motivated people reach their capacity.” Often, this is focused on helping the practice and leadership earn more money, have a…

YellowTelescope Plastic Surgery Training Seminar

Issue #58 – A Peek Inside the 2019 YT Training Seminar

A Peek Inside the 2019 YT Training Seminar The better part of 200 practice management leaders and doctors from teams around the world descended upon Miami last month for the 9th Annual YellowTelescope (YT) Training Seminar! It’s impossible to truly capture the essence of this weekend, but here are a few highlights:   Room with…

Issue #55 — 3 Ways to Maximize Your RealSelf Profile

In our current ratings and reviews culture more patients are turning to review sites when researching procedures and surgeons.  RealSelf, in many ways the “Yelp of Cosmetic Surgery”, achieves around 10 million unique monthly visitors.  Full disclosure, YellowTelescope is one of a small group of RealSelf preferred affiliates (check out our recent webinar). While we…

Issue #54 — Firing for Success

Occasionally we all find ourselves holding onto a losing bet because we are invested and hope things will get better. It can be tough to admit that an employee isn’t working out, but the alternative of allowing a toxic energy continue poisoning your practice is worse and possibly costing you dearly in good employees and patients….

YellowTelescope YellowTelecast Episode #19 – Cutting Costs Through Annual Planning

YellowTelescope’s YellowTelecast Best Practices for the Best Practices Podcast – Episode 19: Cutting Costs Through Annual Planning – Though many episodes have been recorded while on the road with clients or at conferences, this first-ever truly mobile “car cast” finds Jon and Ed on their way to the ASPS annual meeting, discussing cost cutting measures…