Issue #6 – Seven Steps to Making the Sale – Step 1


Issue #6 – The Art of Rapport Building – Step 1 to Making the Sale:

It is broadly agreed, based on marketing and sales textbooks, and decades of experience that in most industries and for most products and services, there are 7 steps to making a sale:

  • Build Rapport
  • Review needs & consult
  • Share a history of the doctor/company/etc.
  • Explain the features and benefits of what is being offered
  • Perform a “trial close”
  • Present Price
  • AFTO (Ask For the Order)

While this paradigm can be broadened, condensed, or tweaked to a particular item or service, following these simple steps will assist your team and you in generating profit surges within your practice.

The first step to “making the sale” is to build outstanding rapport. While patients do not purchase because they like a person or doctor, they will unquestionably avoid purchase if they don’t like an individual. Ensure you break the ice, take time, and find common ground – it may not guarantee the sale, but without it a no-sale is assured. Building a relationship through rapport often seems like “a given,” yet many practices lose patients prematurely in the patient’s development. Ask yourself the following about your practice:

  • Does my receptionist staff answer the phone in an upbeat manner every time? Even when the office is busy?
  • Do my senior-level staff members take phone calls and receive all patients with a smile? Are they proficient in asking at least one or two personal questions to each patient?
  • Do you and your staff greet people genuinely as they pass in the hall, elevator, or parking lot even if they are unsure if the people they greet are members of your patient database?
  • Is every email sent to a patient initiated with a positive sentence or question and finished with the same?
  • Does the doctor always sit and spend at least 2 minutes chatting with every patient in consultation about non-medical items?
  • Is your medical team trained on proper 5-star service and how to engage patients on an hourly basis?
  • If the responses to any of the above are “no,” have you invested in a training program or company to work with your team to improve rapport, the 1st step to making every sale?

In summary, understanding how to build rapport and comprehending its importance is quite simple and can be looked at as “a given.” It is the daily execution as a systemic norm that takes effort, forethought, and training. Challenge yourself to challenge your team. Post these questions in your lunch room or review them in your next team meeting. If you would like more specific tips and ideas, simply listen to a clip below from the recent YellowTelescope Training Seminar for an in-depth discussion of the philosophy behind why rapport actually leads to greater sales and some initial thoughts on proper patient discovery and goal setting with patients.

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