Social Media Madness – The Official Launch

It is official. YellowTelescope and SEOversite will launch one of the industry’s most comprehensive social media campaigns for those seeking the very best, well-curated content for personal and business consumption on New Years Day, 2016.

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This newsletter, should you read it in its entirety, will make your business money and save you time by providing a blueprint of our perspective on how social media should be curated, and more importantly, by simply giving you an opportunity to have a one-stop-daily-shop for much of the content you’ll need to post on your business’s social media feed. The best part? It’s all free – our gift to you as you enter the new year. First, right away, take a minute or two to follow us on the variety of social media outlets listed below. Second, read about our process and decide if you would like to use it in addition to benefiting personally and professionally from following and reading our various social media feeds.  So follow us at the following links right away then click below to read on…

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How to take advantage of our social media platform:

  1. Abscond With Our Curated Content (Don’t worry, we want you to):
    • Most doctors and small business owners have realized they must have a robust social media presence, but lack staff, desire, and time to curate excellent content to share with their world.
    • Follow our feeds and when you see something you like, simply re-post, re-tweet, re-whatever it, and your readership will have interesting information from great sources without your team taking unnecessary time researching information. It’s that simple – just read our stuff and forward what you like to your readership. In fact, that is exactly what we are doing – we scour the internet for you, distill a variety of information on myriad topics and ship it to you, shiny and new, so you can save time and re-post our posts. Without your team taking unnecessary time researching and identifying content worth posting.
  2. Saving Time  – Any of our posts are simply great reads for busy doctors and staff to keep you up to date on current events, medical news, and other edu-taining info-pearls. Instead of subscribing to 10 websites providing website design and SEO information or multiple medical news or business management websites, simply follow us and have a few daily articles to keep you, personally, up to date on current trends, events, and best practices.  You are either “green and growing or brown and dying” so keep yourself current and knowledgeable.
  3. Access to Important Original Content – We receive regular requests for how to access our well-regarded podcast, past newsletters, published articles, speeches, and more.  By following our social media outlets, you will be informed each time a new article, podcast, or newsletter goes live. Additionally, to celebrate our social media launch, the first half of 2016 will be dedicated to re-posting every past YellowTelescope and SEOversite newsletter and podcast.  (https://yellowtelescope.com/podcast)Join the fun and ensure your team does as well.
  4. Having Fun –  Speaking of having fun, the remainder of our distilled and posted content will focus on things we enjoy and care about deeply.  From charitable causes like our love for libraries, to the personal interests of our executive team ranging from whisky, poker, travel, art and sports, to film, theater, hotels, cuisine, medical news, legal news, viral videos, cars, home design, gift ideas, SEO, web design, marketing, public relations, technology, whisky, whiskey, and more, expect to quite simply enjoy following YellowTelescope and SEOversite daily – the industry’s go-to source for well-curated online content.

In summary, welcome to the industry’s one-stop-daily-shop for everything you need to be on top of your social media.  Don’t close your browser now – take three minutes to follow/connect/link/love us right away!

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