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It’s no surprise that a well-trained front office staff can save your practice tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Improve the patient experience in your aesthetic practice with front desk & medical receptionist training.

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A Perfect Solution

ReceptionScope is a cost-effective and convenient receptionist and administrative training solution to help front office teams develop the skills needed to excel in their positions and improve patient experience, while feeling connected to a training team so they are retained within their role for longer.

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How it works

  • Each month, your team will tune in to a video training webinar, taught live by our Director of Training, often with a multitude of guest speakers from a variety of industry arenas.
  • If unable to participate live due to your schedule one month, or if you wish to have others on your team learn from the webinars even if they are not front desk personnel, we’ve got you covered! Our webinars are available for 30 days after their presentation through a password-protected portal to watch at your convenience – and that’s right, the entire team is welcome to learn from the content.
  • Each webinar includes a live instructor and often additional presenters, ranging from our President, VP, pool of senior executives, and additional special guests.
  • Your team will have access to supplemental content on the ReceptionScope Portal, including worksheets and short customer service training videos.
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Visit the ReceptionScope Portal

If you're a subscriber to our ReceptionScope service already, or just want to have a look to see what's on offer, you can access the Portal Below.

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Your Medical Admin & Reception Team Will Learn

Your Team Will Learn...

  • Exceptional check-in/out procedures
  • Advanced schedule efficiency
  • How to capture 5-star patient reviews
  • Effective sales techniques
  • Superb phone skills
  • Time-saving organizational skills
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Additional 1-on-1 Onboarding

Most aesthetic practices lack a formal onboarding process for new staff, directly impacting the performance of new hires, with particular attention paid to creating longer-term buy-in and staff retention. Your practice can’t afford to lose a single patient due to a shortage of training at the front desk, nor losing yet another important team member to unwanted turnover.

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Our ReceptionScope Onboarding program includes two 1-hour front office training calls with our Director of Training, along with access to the first three CORE webinars. 1-on-1 onboarding is a customized approach that reviews front desk essentials, education on the doctors and practice, tips on handling difficult patients and stressful front desk situations, efficient scheduling, building up the doctor, staff and opportunity to the new hire & more.

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Mystery Caller

Easy monthly management of your front office phone call quality. After all, this is often the first impression your patient has with your practice!

Mystery Caller
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Easy Listening — I stuck my head in to listen for a few minutes and what I heard was fabulous! Jenni and Vicky were both very engaged and Abby is awesome!

- Sonya Merriman, MD

If you can save on a single area of Botox every month with improved front office training, this cost-effective training is worth it.

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