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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save your practice hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Learn more about the full suite of YellowTelescope services that have helped hundreds of practices grow.

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Annual Training Seminar

This is our flagship event, unlike any other in the medical industry. Find out why top practices travel across the globe to attend every year.

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Long-Term Oversight

Learn how our long-term clients average $100k to over $10 million in growth in the first year of working with us.

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Allow us to find the most impressive candidate for your team, using our specialized and proven process that’s based on years of experience conducting over 15,000 interviews and hiring, training, and managing over 2,000 people.

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Check out our cost-effective and convenient training solution that helps front office teams develop the skills needed to excel in their positions.

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Mystery Caller

Easy monthly management of your front office phone call quality. After all, this is often the first impression your patient has with your practice!

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