Testimonials - Long-Term Oversight

What Our Clients Say

YT Long-Term Consulting works because we teach, then reinforce through ongoing training to create habits, & then stick around to ensure those habits permeate the organization to develop culture that lasts. Take a look at our 2021 stats, or hear results from your peers below...

We encountered double-digit growth, almost from the first month.
In year one, the first year alone, I think our sales increased by about 50%. If anybody's wondering if they should adopt the YellowTelescope process into their practice, it's almost a no-brainer... it's a different way of looking at the practice, approaching the patient, and converting them into a patient without "selling" them. It's a win-win for everybody."
It's definitely worth the investment; if your Patient Coordinators or employees have a lot of experience and have been successful, I think we can all still use a bit of extra training. Obviously it's proven to work and I'm excited to implement everything.
My time with Dan in the training was amazing; the roleplaying was so helpful, we got a lot out of it. We've done sales in the past but this is totally different - [YellowTelescope] have really done their homework!
As soon as you walk in the door you're relaxed. It's not a classroom, it's fun, it's interesting. [YellowTelescope] will take your staff and make them the best possible salespeople you can ask for.
The YellowTelecope training is outstanding. Without it I doubt I would be anywhere near a position to realise close-to a 50% year-on-year growth.
There's a LOT to be learned. It's going to impact us in different ways: financially of course; it will give the doctor more time; and I think it will impact the patients too, and take the scary aspect out of the whole process.
You have a great team, and you deliver on your promises (a rare thing these days). I am very happy to be part of the YellowTelescope Family.
It will help the team... it will give us that consistency which is important when dealing with a team of people.
Our team came down to the seminar... started implementing things immediately and have already seen results.
I feel great, I feel energised... listen to Ed, he really has a wealth of knowledge. They're amazing, any practice can always be better and use these tools.
It's going to help us grow TREMENDOUSLY. I feel like, "Why didn't we think of this before?"
Having been in this role since 2004, I think it'll help me improve my technique. I'm excited to incorporate what I learned during the training, and to implement it in the practice.
I feel like I more of a foundation to apply to the job. Techniques with social media and SEO... I knew nothing about those going into the job and they're very important for this industry.
The training has been very informative, I learned a lot, it was exciting, there were new ideas... I'm really excited to get back and implement everything.
I definitely enjoyed working with Ed, I know he gave me the tools I need to succeed. Would definitely recommend.
I will be much more confident over the phone, able to deal with any questions that patients might have.
It's training anyone can use. There's a lot of key things I did not know; when I first came in I was nervous but it I felt welcome, everyone was friendly and it was very fun.
I would definitely say to be open-minded, a lot of the exercises seem counter-intuitive but when you put it all together it makes sense. It's a different approach.
Now I'm leaving feeling confident and excited to get back to work.
This experience has been phenomenal. It's added a million tools to my toolbox.
I've had some formal sales training but nothing like this. I now feel very prepared and using all the steps and advice really fits my style. I really like the approach, it's direct but it works.
It's been a couple of years since I first attended this seminar, but this time it was intense and we were able to get answered all the questions I didn't ask last time. You have to believe in what you're selling, so as not to come off as fake.
Learning about Gather, Give and Get was crucial, I look forward to implementing it. I had to reorganise my brain to think a little differently.
It's one thing to learn at the seminar, but to have a 2 or 3 day intense course, repeating it back and forth with Jon and my coworker... taking that back to the practice and coming back with a 95% close rate.
One of the biggest things was to take the fear out of sounding 'sales'. It's about teaching you to be more direct; a better outcome, more time-focused with the patient.
We had some great things in place already but this was all new and improved.
We're going to come back with so many great ideas that are really going to amplify our sales.
I had a wonderful time and learned a lot of useful information. It was a great challenge to open up my mind, to get back and get great results.
It was very informative, we really appreciate Ed and Jon walking us through the process.
Staying here was fun, exciting... a new adventure for me. Make sure you enjoy yourself, I'm looking forward to taking all my information back. I can't wait to come back again.