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We are proud to have over 500 testimonials in video and written form throughout our website. Check out why our flagship annual event – The YT Seminar – is rated nearly perfect by anonymous reviews. View some of the raving reviews we've received throughout the years below or click here for our 2023 event testimonials.

You spend so much on CMEs to get better at your craft. Why not spend 1 weekend to learn how to make your business better?” + “This is the best thing you will ever do for your practice. You’ll be so thankful when you double/triple your sales numbers.
This is one of the best management courses that my staff and I have ever taken… our booking rates have gone up, our satisfaction for how we’re handling patients has gone up, it’s so good that I’m sending {my staff} back again this year.
Great event! Lots of content, helpful team and learned a lot.
If you are looking for a stellar, well-trained staff, send them immediately.
You should absolutely attend. It will legit change your life:)... If you would like to grow your practice and would like to learn best practices for that, you need to attend.
Made my money back in the first 4 hours.
It is a different way of thinking that you won't understand until you immerse yourself in it.
Excellent seminar. Worth the investment to spend 2 days strategically working on business. You'll get more value if you come with others.
No question – you have to attend. Our practice is successful because of them. We had a blast while learning and reviewing new things. Bring your entire staff. It is SO worth it. We come every year and learn new things every time
The best training seminar I’ve ever attended. This seminar gives a fantastic educational base to build a successful practice.
The seminar was very informational. The meeting will transform your practice.
Come ready to learn the trade secrets to success in private practice…My favorite seminar of all-time. Incredibly relevant and full of wise content based on real data and experience... Quite possibly the best seminar yet…hotel, service, locale, food A++++!
In the first 7 weeks since your seminar, our collections are up 28%! I look forward to bringing our team next year.
It comprehensively covers the YT sales training process. Superb selling of course serves patients, which is not something that Physicians intuitively expect. It provides deep insight into the whys and the methodology used to optimize practice growth.
It really opened my eyes as to what we could do better to increase conversion rates. The conference was enjoyable, informative, and insightful.
Since we began the YT phone call it has made substantial changes in our practice. We aren’t losing time that we used to with unqualified patients walking in our practice. We are now able to politely weed qualified/ready patient into our practice at the right time. We are able to run a more efficient schedule which keeps us, the PCCs happy, but more importantly our doctor and keeps our practice consistently growing. This allows each of us PCCs growing as well. Thank you YT team!
Excellent. Informative. Well-presented. Highly recommend.
A dramatic presentation of a new paradigm in scheduling surgery patients, presented with humor and organization. You will miss more than you imagine [if you don’t attend].
Refreshing, invigorating — a great way to sharpen skills and further develop education. YT staff will always bring fresh ideas forward while still maintaining core message. Go! It’s worth it!
Most impactful thing you could do for your practice.
Had an amazing experience…something for everyone. We brought 4 people this year. We signed up 16 for next year
The Med Spa Course with Abby and Danielle {was the most impactful}.
Very well planned and executed…definitely come and sign up. Already have recommended to prospective and new attendees.
Best sales training in the aesthetic industry. They can’t afford not to {attend the event}
Attend. Period. Worth it. The best work experience I’ve ever had.
If you take your business development seriously, I’d call it malpractice to miss this meeting
Need to come yearly.
It is impossible to leave this event without having a greater understanding of how to grow personally, professionally, and maximize your team’s output!
Excellent introduction to overarching concepts. Excellent meeting. You will take away multiple tips that can be implemented immediately.
Come. Worth it if you just book 1 more surgery…

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