Testimonials - Annual Training Seminar Part 2

What Our Clients Say

More glowing attendee testimonials from our Annual Seminar events, dating from 2016-2011...

This seminar was very organized and reiterates that our practice is doing all of the right things. Yes! Definitely go because your practice will run like a well-oiled machine if you implement what they teach.
Seamless – organized education – great venue – great educators.
It was very informative. All of the YT staff are so friendly and great! Do it! It’s great!
The overall experience of the YT Seminar is GREAT! The YT team is very helpful and full of useful knowledge to take back to and apply to your practice. Exceeded my expectations!...Sign up ASAP!
Loved it. Very informative…gotta go. You will learn a lot, have fun, feel re-energized
It was great to have them drill down on concepts I’ve heard at the society meetings. The connections and networking have truly helped jump-start the ideas to take back to my team….5 Dysfunctions of a team and LIFO (plan to take these back to the team and run through these tests). When you come with an open mind, great ideas can happen! If you take away even just one thing don’t discredit the impact it could have on =your practice.
As always, very educational. Good for wanting to better your practice – growth and changing your mindset.
Very informative and exciting. Worth the money.
YT did a phenomenal job implementing safety protocols at their live event during Covid-19. I felt extremely safe and was able to learn a lot face to face, and connect w/ others in my position.
Definitely worth it to go at least once, you’ll gain valuable info.
Great experience; lots of good information.
Just do it. I couldn’t be more impressed with the seminar, speakers, and content. If you are wanting to grow your practice and need a clear cut way to do this, and have a few laughs along the way, go see everyone at YT!
DO IT! Vital training every patient coordinator can benefit from.
Very educational, motivating and fun. DO IT. GO FOR IT! Well worth the time.
Enjoyed the seminar, got a lot out of it. The YT team did an incredible job coordinating and planning the seminar! They will get information and learn new policies and procedures to increase revenue…and gain insights that can elevate their role.
Very motivational and educational. ATTEND!!! No regrets.
Very motivating and touches on all aspects of the practice. All the speakers are very engaging and keep your attention. You cannot not learn something.
100% attend! Not only are the seminars educational, but also very motivational. You’re missing out on maximizing you and your office’s potential if you don’t attend.
100% worth it!
I appreciate all of the extra protocols in place for social distancing. This experience has enlightened me to some of the things that can be improved that I would not have realized before… make sure they exercise in the mornings to make sure they have room for all of the good food.
First class event. Very well organized.
Informative refresher course w/ great breakouts to enhance past info and bring new ideas/thought processes.
I really enjoyed and appreciate all the wonderful training/education and connections I made in just the few days I was here!!
Great Information. Great People!
Very informative. Lots of great info.
Highly recommend! Every PCC and PM should attend.
The meetings were great. Hotel good and dinner were exceptional. Topics covered were spot on and useful.
Well worth it! Very practical. All speakers are dynamic!
Fantastic experience. Great speakers. YT Method works and has been amazing in our practice
Attend! No regrets.
I feel empowered; ready to implement all I’ve learned. This is a definite “Go To” event, top notch, information packed, highly empowering.
Very informative. I learned a lot. Definitely worth it.
I believe this event did a good job digging into the art of selling in plastic surgery and explaining the importance of relationship building. Great PM skills too!
Well organized. Kudos to Jill for putting it all together. Valuable!
Excellent information on making your practice better.
Come with an open mind and learn! While not everything is a perfect fit for your practice, YT has exceptional concepts. Get these ideas before your competitors.
Well organized, high energy, educational, back to basics, beautiful facility…guaranteed growth. Hit your goals and grow beyond.
This is a great meeting for people starting off who need direction or established practices who need reassurance they are doing it right.
Jon is an amazing speaker. Great venue, great food and Jon is great.
I am grateful to have experienced the seminar overall. The most impactful sections to me were front desk and admin.
Great opportunity to learn a proven process of sales in this industry. Beautiful venue, great food, intelligent attendees.
What a great educational experience. I enjoyed Jon’s presentation the best. He was so confident, fun and engaging. Their systems are clear, and I really look forward to seeing how effective small adjustments can help the practice. Best sales and strategy conference you could attend. Definitely worth the investment.
Do you want a real day to day plan to increase revenue and better your practice? Then YT is the answer.
I understand logic. YT is logic. Well planned, clear, feels bulletproof.
Very educational. Motivates me to challenge myself.
Great training, hotel experience and attention…do attend. You’ll learn a lot!”
The seminar was very informative. Every speaker seemed to be very prepared and helpful. I am motivated and ready to start a new week.
Very educational.
I think it was a great way to refresh and refocus on different aspects of business. I really liked that it was more in depth and less superficial. Most conferences are not as in-depth on topics.
Great – good information – good interchange. Fast – a lot covered – confirmation on a lot I have always believed in. A clear direct way to run your practice and great support.
I learned so much that I can apply and the hotel and experience is beautiful…amazing content and suggestions. You will learn so much. Go w/ an open mind…
Definitely a group of successful knowledgeable individuals that give you the keys to drive your office to make more profitable sales and seal the deals!
Seminar was great! Very energetic group! Would definitely enjoy coming again! My goal was to come and gain 1 new piece of knowledge today and that was a success!
I thought this was an amazing conference. From the beginning, the staff was extremely hospitable and welcoming. The information provided is useful and I can see us putting these into action immediately. Having info from previous YT seminars has helped our business grow in the past year. The smaller group allows for better networking and the opportunity to ask questions. The presenters are fun, knowledgeable and down to earth. The proof is in the their philosophy with tried and true tactics on leadership, sales, education and staffing.
If you are ready to step your practice up to the next level, this is an excellent conference to invest in.
Great personalities and humor but excellent content, which has already improved my practice. We are ready for step 2 – which may require some additional staffing.
Very good content. Excellent speaker. Well organized. YellowTelescope Team is great! Very good practice information that you can immediately use to improve your practice and processes.
The information given is useful, no matter your area of practice or position within that practice. Future attendees can find useful information about themselves, staff and patients and how to use that information to become successful.
Great experience overall educating the team on YT philosophy…excellent meeting to improve your practice.
Ed’s section was amazing. It really helps your PCCs focus their efforts to be more productive.
Learned a lot about psychology of sales…great event to begin understanding the psychology of sales.
I learned a lot at the seminar. New ways to handle objections. I overall think the seminar is very helpful.
I enjoyed John Berry’s discussion.
I have felt motivated and excited to put into practice some of the new skills obtained. You owe it to yourself to grow your business and you must provide the tools to do it.
Overall, extremely motivational and educational. Jon’s style and content were the highlights.
I felt it was an easy formula to use and will be easy to replicate/alter to our own and other.
It is very helpful and informative on how to break the ice and become more comfortable selling surgery. Learning a lot about how to act in different scenarios.
Very helpful and entertaining. Gave me good ideas to bring back to my practice and try to implement the things I learned.
Loved the first day the most: we have many new tools to bring back to our doctors.
I have learned more at this meeting than the normal society meetings except for the multispecialty meeting. I will be able to bring many ideas to my staff. Extremely helpful for managers, doctors and patient reps that want to make more money and grow the practice.
As a new PC my experience has empowered me to delve into plastic surgery sales with more zeal and information. I loved it! Wrote copious notes! Listened, loved, and enjoyed! All the information is useful and helpful!
What sections/talks/ideas were most impactful? – Breakout session with 202+303, idea sharing, building off of last year’s info.
It is impossible to leave this event without having a greater understanding of who to grow personally, professionally, and maximize your team’s output!
It was a great refresher for myself that drew me back into the big picture. At the same time, it finally aligned the doctor with the WHY and WHAT I do – it reduced my daily workload by eliminating duplicate work and yet grew my to do list with tips and ideas to bring back to my practice.
Even more organized than last year! ATTEND!
Something about your company’s presentation really resonates with me. I “get” exactly what you’re saying and it makes sense. So looking forward to seeing how my team felt and helping to get the whole office to get on board with these protocols. DO IT!!
No question – you have to attend. Our practice is successful because of them.
I’ve been coming for 3 years now. It gets me excited about my job. I feel I fall behind on some things throughout the year and YT gets me back on Track. Jon and the YT Team are amazing!!!
The experience was great. I love the discussions and sharing in the [202 and 303] small groups. How important it is to hear other practices perspectives and the chance to discuss them. This allows us to re-evaluate our own.
It was a great refresher of the YT Concept. I loved the open forum in 202 breakout sessions – wish we had slightly more time. I would like to have a 3rd day of info. Make the investment in you and your team!
They will gain a lot of knowledge to increase their practice revenue.
This course gives me confidence and a better ability to sell.
It really opened my eyes as to what we could do better to increase conversion rates. The conference was enjoyable, informative, and insightful.
I enjoyed the setup and talks. Jon is a very dynamic speaker and can convey lots of information in an organized way. If interested in how to increase their bottom line, they need to attend.
Hi Jon, Thank you for this amazing learning experience! I am eager and excited to learn more and become a master at the YT sales technique this was by far one the best sales trainings I have ever been to.
Jon Hoffenberg was exceptional…It is definitely worth it, lots of great implementable ideas. Best value regarding practice management.
Don’t be cheap – Don’t miss it! Very usable material to use in my practice – I only wish I came to this meeting when I first opened.
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for a lovely dinner last night, and to thank your team for a very informative and enlightening seminar. I really learned a lot and am hoping to implement some changes to my current practice once I return…Thanks again!
Very informational – learned even more in 202 – MUST GO!
Thank you for the high energy & positivity. Thank you for wearing such nicely fitted suits. All you guys looked awesome! Thank for the time and effort. Thank you for the great ideas. Thank you for infusing humor into the conference. Thank you for the great food…especially the crème brulee. Seriously – thanks guys – it was awesome!
Come to this seminar if you want to grow your practice. You will never think of this stuff on your own. Very informative. Loved all the examples that gave me great ideas to use in our office.
Great. Everyone was very helpful in sharing their knowledge with us…It’s not only informative but fun
This is my second year at the seminar. I am glad I returned to reinforce what I took away last year and learned new things this year. The breakout sessions were a nice addition. I enjoyed hearing how things are done in other offices. This is a very interesting, engaging seminar full of valuable information unlike any other I have attended
Total eye opener on so many areas. YT staff speakers conveyed different views that as a physician staff office member I had become “stale” on… Go! So educational & informative.
Motivational, very informative…attend this seminar to further build your practice
What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?: “That they don’t even realize all the things they don’t know.”
I felt the content was truly exciting and valuable and I look forward to taking it home for implementation…give it a try if your practice needs some new ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new – It just may work!
I have been to many sales training and I was not bored at all. Speaking with other attendees, they also loved it. It is a must!
This was my second visit and I truly enjoyed the 202 breakout sessions. These seminars are expertly organized – kudos! I enjoyed the 202 discussions as well as the motivation I gain from attending…JUST GO – you’ll be glad you did.
Great review for 2nd year!
Essential for any practice serious about selling cosmetic procedures. Should have brought my practice manager.
It is great for new attendees – will def. increase sales…
Great for new staff…
I overall enjoyed the training. I feel the material will be very beneficial over the coming year
Well organized, engaging, and thought provoking – you’ve got nothing to lose!
Nice refresher and new ideas for consultations…great for a patient consultant, office manager, and new employees.
This is a recipe for success – a must for all who want to grow their practices. Excellent education and speakers. I am thankful for this opportunity.
Enjoyed the small, intimate meeting approach, candor, and great sense of humor – very knowledgeable…you will gain with it and make new friends and connections.
Great seminar, lots of actionable ideas, very different/unique way of looking at medical!
Thought the seminar was great! Lots of great ideas and actual actionable information. Great networking opportunities, lots of great information from other attendees.
Would be great to attend…and for the doctors so they really understand the impact each position has on their practice.
Great information that should work for all practices. Offers a new way to think about sales and running your practice.
I feel whatever your position in the office, there are pearls to use. This is a doctors’ meeting for sure! They need to be here!
The seminar is very helpful and the staff energy is contagious. Everyone in the practice could benefit from the information presented and the passion of the presenters is energizing
Second go round – excellent information and repletion helpful on sales basics and 202 sessions. A must to improve practice efficiency and growth.
Only seminar dedicated to teaching practices on ‘how to sell.’ I thought it was great.
Very good, thought provoking…Valuable.
Excellent seminar!
Great opportunity to sharpen your skills. Even if you take 1 pearl it will more than pay for itself.
100% they should do it. It will make you stronger, more confident and overall better. It awes me. So much excitement to bring back to our office and methods for increasing sales.
Great refresher course to reinforce things you are doing well, while learning about area that need work. Enjoy the style and opportunity for networking.
Fantastic. Empowering experience. Very applicable to many aspects of our medical business.
Great speaking – engaging. Well planned event.
Great intro to working in the industry. Great tips for improvement if been in the industry.
Bring a sweater/blanket and enjoy! – the room can be a bit cold ?
Provided inspiration and very realistic tips for increased productivity that leads to greater success.
What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?: “Would bring office staff (patient coordinator) to the event with you…Enjoyed it
I learned a lot of new things that I am excited to take back to my colleagues at the practice.
Lots of great info that in some way will positively impact your practice.
What would you tell future attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend?: “ATTEND!” What sections were most impactful?: “202 Small Group
This is extremely informative as well as confidence building. I learned a tremendous amount. Can’t wait to apply my new knowledge to my consultations.
We have been so impressed with yellow telescope and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to staff a patient advisor. The interview process was very thorough and we were provided with a wide range of qualified candidates. The person we ultimately chose has been terrific. We are particular impressed with Jon Hoffenberg. He was always professional and worked hard to find the right person for our office. He asked the tough questions in the interview process and found us a winner. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. We are confident we will continue to use yellow telescope to either find another patient advisor or for practice management services.
Thanks so much for an incredible meeting. We feel energized, motivated and empowered! Undoubtedly the most educational 2 days I have spent since fellowship. Thanks also to everyone who attended and participated. Nothing like spending quality time with really smart and accomplished people. See you down the road.
Good camaraderie, good flow/exchange and ideas by attendees. Made my money back in the first 4 hours
What an amazing event! Now that I am home and back in my professional routine, bits and pieces of your seminar still reverberate. Even with the personal tragedy that tainted our weekend, your enthusiasm, knowledge, and excitement was infectious. You affected a sea change in my professional outlook – transmuting “sales” from an odious vulgarity into an effective process. We are incorporating your protocols into our management systems, and it is materially changing our core perceptions of our mission and purpose. And just in the nick of time, as our industry morphs from a health-driven to a looks-driven business.
Very informative, entertaining, and organized. Money back guaranteed! You will not be disappointed.
This was a great seminar. It wasn’t just great information, but “how to use” it – the material in your consultation. The sales seminar and mainly the call consultation was great. It will really help me improve my consultation process and sales! It will bring your consultation process to another level.
Suggestions for improvement: “None at this time.” “Take it all in. There is a lot one may know but better to be refreshed on new topics or olde ones. You will learn!
High energy. Great, helpful, information. Excellent. I feel great about this. Talk to me in 3 months…
Wow. Wow. Wow… Thank you Jon – will start applying your ‘sales tips’ it immediately!…I also enjoyed meeting and learning from all the attendees.
Excellently presented info that is almost universally applicable to management. Very informative, very relevant. Excellent resource for those interested in improving sales and understanding the nuances of management.
Overall, I thought the event was great…you should come if you want to advance your career and enjoy working.
Extremely helpful, especially as a new employee figuring out my place within a small office with long time staff. Topics covered fueled ideas! Expected tools learned to help in understanding staff and determining if the right people are in the right seat for overall future success. The event covers topics to benefit new MDs/staff as well as individuals experience in the medical field.
Excellent program that not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! Can’t afford not to go to this event!
It was great to speak to other Practice Administrators and physicians on the different styles of how they do things. Everyone was very down to Earth and friendly and so great to share their information.
What would you tell attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend having attended several years in a row? 
“Awesome. A practice, management and life game changer. Send a deposit
Since I by nature instinctively employ your 7 steps already, but am hindered by either “missing seats” or “wrong” seats, this motivated a plan for improvement, which will be put to the test when returning to the office next month. Immediate impact: will have one☺ which will free me up to do patient care more effectively, thus booking more and leaving the office not burned out. Unsure about attending? You definitely should – you need to get out of the environment you’re used to and get new insights.
I did not know what to expect, but I have gained a lot of knowledge. I will go back to work with great ideas – very motivated. I believe we will be able to implement some things right away – and hopefully more down the road.
Thanks again for a wonderful meeting. It was a very informative and your team is so great. You were all so easy to talk to and very friendly.
I really enjoyed it. The information was educational and pertinent to my daily duties. I’m motivated to get my doctor and staff on board for some changes in 2014. Valuable information to not only grow your practice, but open your eyes to things you might not put much thought into day to day.
It’s worth the money. You’ll learn a lot, discover valuable ideas to improve your practice, and have fun.
The event presented easily understandable systems that I am very eager to bring to our practice. I was entertained the entire time. Jon, you and your team are hilarious! This was by far the best training I’ve ever attended.
I believe the information, pointer and techniques are applicable to our practice (on a smaller scale) – I am looking forward to trying to put them into action.
I have tried to think of a few constructive criticisms for you. However, I cannot. Overall hit the mark on all levels…well worth the efforts.
Great experience. Interesting topics, great learning experience, enjoyed the breakouts.
Again, I want to thank you for the work you do! I learned so much and I am trying slowly to implement here at the clinic. I feel so much more confident in myself when taking calls and scheduling patients. Not that I don’t have confidence I just did not with phones. I have no experience what so ever in sales. After the first 15-20 minutes of your training…it clicked in my brain after hearing you say “Not to the People but for the People” very powerful to me. So anyway, just wanted you to know that. Ed and your entire team did a fabulous job on Saturday, as you already know.
I just wanted to thank you for the quick response and the amazing letter of recommendation you wrote. I really appreciate the gesture and have loved working in this office and for you for these past 6 months. I have learned a lot from both the job itself and through your leadership and cannot express enough how amazing this opportunity has been.
Thank you both for the heartfelt messages. I am definitely thinking of you two today. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a part of your organization. After years of frustration, disappointment, and uncertainty, the past year has restored my confidence that my practice can become what I have always hoped it would be. The fact that all of the FHRPS (Foundation for Plastic Surgery and Foundation for Hair Restoration, subsidiaries of YellowTelescope Medical Management) practices are thriving so much in this economy is a remarkable testament to what I appreciate about you guys most: your leadership, your tireless effort, and your confidence that your limitations are only those that you impose upon yourself. I learn every day from the examples that you set.
I thought that the event was amazing and I learned more than I thought I would. Breakout was my favorite part as well as discussion topics. This is the type of seminar where you actually learn and you take away easy steps to bring back into your practice.
Great opportunity to share information from the top practices in the country. There is no other forum like this
Loved it. Very informative, educational, invigorating. It’ll all be about how well we can implement those great ideas, sales talks, prequalify patients, commoditization of surgery, tech talks, etc.
Excellent – discussions from and among great colleagues… and how I will go about hiring another associate. Excellent use of time and well worth the experience.
Jon…This was the single best marketing seminar I have gone to…So I thank you sincerely.
I had the great opportunity to attend the YellowTelescope seminar focusing on practice development and management. As a young facial plastic surgeon, I am always eager to learn different techniques in practice development and management, but I have been disappointed in that all the seminars or talks seem to be a repeat of each other. The subjects and ideas are very commonly repeated—internet marketing, advertisement, branding, etc. Not in this case…YellowTelescope presents a refreshing, innovative, and new way to develop your practice. They relayed proven methods derived from other fields which no one has presented or is using in their medical practice. I highly recommend this seminar for any physician and their staff who is looking to grow their practice.
I learned from other practices similar to ours to develop better techniques…It was very informative.
I did not sign up for next years training just because I generally don’t plan things that far in advance. That being said you will probably see me at your next training. Thanks again.
What would you tell future attendees about this event? “Bring all staff, not just one!”
Incredible to hear other experiences and thoughts…thought adding business people was very good.
Actually, quite a good experience…like the open dialogue
The interactive discussion with all and break outs were outstanding.
I like Jon discussing sales tips, helps consultants to expand on marketing, staff, management, products, etc.
We really appreciate the opportunity to be working with you all and we’re looking forward to challenging ourselves to see how much better we can be.
It’s definitely worth going to and helpful to be able to speak to other in your position.
Attend – listen – learn – excellent session!
I am excited to go back to our office and start implementing the 7 steps and growing our practice.
Terrific experience- it inspired us and our staff to make changes in the way we practice.
Exchanged thoughts and ideas with really bright and successful people.
I enjoyed how inclusive the format was; very helpful to hear from docs about their goals, concerns. Many of the items we will take away can be easily implemented with (hopefully) a big impact.
Very interesting, good networking, good conversations, some talks very helpful, some less focused but still thought provoking. I have a few action items we’ll start using and will want to re-check my notes several times during the year.
More productive than any practice management course or meeting I have been to. Well-conceived and planned. Many helpful suggestions.
Very Enlightening and educational. There are some pearls of wisdom that will apply either in the short term and long term. Very worthwhile; definitely worth the time away from the office.
It has been wonderful to have an opportunity to pick the brains of some of the best and brightest in our industry for weekend. Building stronger relationships in the industry and being able to pull form the collective experience set. . The information discussed in the agenda leads to incredible private conversation. I wish there was a way to bring more of those conversations to the discussion table. Be sure to take advantage.
Good morning Jon – Thank you so much for allowing us to join you in Miami this past weekend! …I find your approach to sales to be intoxicating and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with many of the individuals in attendance. Dr. Epstein is truly a world class host, he was so kind in opening his home to all of us on Friday evening. Please extend our deep appreciation to him for taking the time to facilitate such an event…
Excellent – both immediate and current – we will grow, and improving staff with be priority #1…loved the breakouts
Will increase sales, better quality of work, being more ahead of the game…
Overall, all good. Really, it’s true. Thrilled to be invited
Best one I have been to in a long time. Perfect for where I am at in my practice and career. Loved Day 1
I want to start out by thanking everyone from your office for such an informative and worthwhile weekend. Our office learned a great deal of information from yourself and the other physicians in the group. I have attended many meetings and this was by far the best. Thank you for inviting us-we felt privileged to attend. We are interested in hearing more about Patient Advisors and the management you offer. We look forward to speaking with you.
I would like to mention that, in your absence, your team really stepped up. I noticed in particular that Ed exhibited confidence, knowledge and salesmanship as he spoke. In sports they say a team can have the “next man up” mentality. Also a team can have “depth.” Yellow Telescope has both.
Don’t think about not attending this Think Tank!
It was a great event, very informative. I received a great deal of valuable information.
Impressive – overall discussion of a ‘group practice of excellence’ and how to bring value to the worth of a practice. You will learn more than you expect or could imagine
Thank you so much for the a wonderful 2 days … George and I truly came back with so many ideas on how to improve our practices. It was great meeting you and the rest of the team and learning from your super sales skills.
What a pleasure it was meeting you, Dr. Epstein and all of your fabulous Yellow Telescope team after our weekend seminar we were able to regroup, analyzed and integrated what was pertinent to our Practice, I feel empowered to perform at a higher capacity.
Very good! Helpful with sales & objections & insulation and being directive.
Thank you for the trainings seminar this past weekend, I really got some great stuff on Friday!
The staff is absolutely experts at what they do. They are in the right seat on the bus.
I think I see myself implementing some of what I learned as soon as possible and ultimately will be using a lot of it long term.
YT gave me information that made sense and practical to implement immediately into the practice.
Very information and great ideas to implement into our practice. YT is an awesome team!
In the first 7 weeks since your seminar, our collections are up 28%! I look forward to bringing our team next year.