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We are proud to have over 500 testimonials in video and written form throughout our website. Check out why our flagship annual event – The YT Seminar – is rated nearly perfect by anonymous reviews. View 2023 event testimonials below or click here for previous event testimonials.

We have been coming for 7 yrs and still get something new each time. The interactions with YT team and other practices is invaluable. IF YOU BECOME A LONG TERM CLIENT YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS.
YellowTelescope has fundamentally changed the way I think about my practices converting me from a surgeon who happens to run a business to a surgeon-entrepreneur.
In my 20 years of practicing, this is the most impactful meeting I have attended. Don't miss it!
This should be mandatory education for anyone operating an aesthetic practice. Creative, thoughtful guidance -- data driven -- that is guaranteed to have a high financial and psycological ROI.
You spend 35 years training to be a surgeon, spend at least a weekend with YT!
Absolutely should attend if you never have, because YT was eye opening for me and I wished I had jumped sooner on board sooner in my career.
Definitely attend. You will leave with a clearer picture of the way forward for your business! With this year being slow even for top practices, the focus on advanced business development in the Advanced Course and Long Term Breakout really helped me focus my next 12 months!
This was my first "sales" type of formal education and it was really excellent! Definitely worth the investment. Take your key leadership team. Go with an open mind.
Excellent way to optimize all aspects of business, sales, customer service.
Overall, YT has helped light a fire under me to explode my practice.
I loved the VIP track and study of entrepreneurship. Learned a few new secrets too.
Long term repeat attendee. I learn new things EVERY time. If life long learning with actionable tips is important to you -- sign up for the next meeting. Don't overthink this, take action.
Phenomenal course content. Just go and check it out.
Trust that it is great!
It's a mistake not to attend this meeting, every team could be better.
Learned a lot and also got a lot of clarifications on "how-to" items.
The YellowTelescope Seminar seamlessly provides personal and professional growth in an exceptional setting in the context of intentional teachings on creating more time. making more money, and running a more efficient business with happy productive employees. Unequivocally, without another thought -- attend. If you don't want to make more money - stay home. If you don't want a more productive, happier team -- stay home. If you're not sure what you need but you know something needs to change -- then you need the YT Seminar!
Excellent seminar. Worth the investment to spend 2 days strategically working on business. You'll get more value if you come with others.
It is a different way of thinking that you won't understand until you immerse yourself in it.
The YT seminar was amazing!
Great Conference. Very Helpful!
Give it a shot!
I feel refilled, recharged, refreshed, reinvigorated, restored and mostly READY TO CRUSH the rest of the year.
Best educational seminar
YellowTelescope offers the best practice sales training on the PLANET. I strongly recommend it.
Being in room with so many like-minded individuals, with similar goals, all eager to learn how to grow our businesses has been an exceptional experience. It is worth every penny.
This is a great reboot for long term PCC's. This is a great opportunity to look at how to make significant changes to the way you close their sales.
Fantastic meeting like no other. Take a breather from the expensive injector course and save to come here, it'll change your business.
Go! You will see a difference in your practice.
Attend! Attend! Attend!
Definitely attend! Everybody views change differently and it's very helpful to see all aspects that YT offers.
Stay open minded and go with it!
Wonderful program! We will be taking many pearls back to the practice!
If you are looking to grow not just in business, but in life, then YellowTelescope is for you. Life changing experience.
YT gives tools to enhance an established practice and aids those just starting out. I found the seminar allowed us to look at our practice in a different way. Our doctor has been in practice for many years, and listening to the talks made me see changes that can be done to allow our practice to grow more efficiently with quality work.
I would tell others that YT is the top notch, number 1 seminar training and if you feel like you're doing really well but want to go to the next level -- go drink the Yellow koolaid!
This year being my first year at this seminar, I came in slightly anxious. I didn't know what to expect. But the quality of the material and attention to detail began to manifest hour by hour. Very informative material. The PCC breakouts were spot on!
Worth the time away from your office for this level of sales training.
Integral to becoming the best (work) version of yourself. Such knowledgable leaders that motivate you to do better but in the smartest most efficient way.
Attend! You'll learn so much!!
Educational and great reminder for all levels/tenures in plastic surgery. Everyone within practice could benefit from conference.
It is highly educational and puts you in the perspective of not only someone in sales speaking to patients, but the patients themselves. this is beneficial in helping connect and build a relationship with them prior to them even walking through the doors.
I REALLY enjoyed this seminar! Just do it! You won't regret it!
Attend! Just do it! My brain is overstimulated and I'm tired but I'm so fired up and ready to get back to work and implement what I've learned.
It is a tremendous opportunity to learn the process, and meet and work with other offices using the YT process while growing and improving as an individual PCC.
ALL practices need to step out of their environment to grow. YT provides the best service.
Great info to help practices
Definite pearls can be taken from this meeting and immediately used to increase profits/conversion.
Great! Super informative.
Motivating, truly inspiring, and perfect crossover for both personal and professional growth.
Enjoy and take in all you can. Branch out of your comfort zone.
I love the YT team!
The seminar was very helpful and I really liked the class about sales.
The value exists for both long term clients as well as attendees who do not hold a coordinator contract. Do not deviate from the process, period.
I really enjoyed Ed's sessions, they really resonated with me.
You have to at least try a YT seminar once. I met a lot of people and saw different POV.
The concept works.
Seminar is amazing. After 6 years, I look forward to attending.
If you are new or having a hard time achieving your goals, it's great!
It is valuable experience for both offices/docs.
As a PCC the YT seminar is extremely helpful to increasing and improving my PCC process in practice.
It is very much worth attending to take information and practices to implement in your office, but also to network and learn from other attendees.
Excited to continue learning.
I am so grateful that I was able to attend this incredible educational event!
Lean into the fact it's not all brand new content. It's core pillars and until you've reached mastery you need repeated!
There is always something new to gain that can make your overall performance better. It is worth it!
The YT method really works and I would recommend it to any office who is looking to increase their capacity.
LOVED the Seminar!
It was very informative, fun and I can't wait for next year.
It's sales focused but a great resource for those looking to learn more about the sales process and why its important.
Really appreciated the PCC track and those breakouts were most impactful.
Lean in, sign up, and watch the practice double in a year.
Come with your practice director/manager/owner -- those who experience it in person, more impactful than sending their support staff to take notes.
Super informative, learned a ton -- try it once. You will see how important this conference is if you want to increase your business.
YT seminar is great to help reboot each year to restart and recalculate the goals for next year. I do love the tips and tricks YT provides. What I mainly enjoy is connecting with other PCC's to pick their brains.
The attention to detail, food, breakdown of broad sales techniques exceeded my expectations.
It will change your way of thinking and selling and increasing sales!
Excellent seminar. Love that the YT team has and speaks from current experience. They are connected to practices and work actively with them and speak from actual experience.
It is definitely worth the time and money. Effective and efficient.
Come open minded when their ready to attend and change their practice. Crucial for PCC's and owners/Doctors together.
Do it! Invest in your team! It's worth it! What YT is all about so you can see how they will help you grow.
Great experience with even better people.
Value in PCC advice and training.
Learn something to sell 1-2 more surgeries, entrance pays for itself.
Definitely attend.
Wonderful event! The potential to learn more after every year if you return.
Be prepared to learn and be motivated.
Enjoyed myself and got some good pearls.
It is super helpful for 1st time attendees.
Worth the time and money.
Excited to bring back the added values and put into action to grow the business. Excellent information!
Having the support of a YT consultant is beneficial.
Definitely worth it! Just stick to the process.
It's a great investment that's gonna help everyone only better their skills.
ATTEND! It is not a waste of time. Positive experience you can only gain/go up by attending. Very worth it.
It is an investment in your future and like a mini-masters degree.
Always a good reminder. New info.
It is good but costly.
Strong content throughout the 2 days.
Great content -- overall great concept.
This is a fantastic event for those that have not attended before.
Highly recommend! the YT process works!
Good information for first time attendees.
Although some of the material is repetitive, I always learn something.
Give it a shot, very little chance you won't like it!
I personally love YT and how it evolves w/ new objectives.
Why not attend? If you don't like it then at least you attended once. But I guarantee you'll keep signing up. Very knowledgable and valuable information that can and will help your practice grow.
Wonderful detailed information for improving sales and success of practice.
Conference is great.
YT has been wonderful for our practice so I would suggest anyone considering LT attend the conference they'll commit!
Fun, pretty location, in a luxury environment. Amazing food, swag, and networking opportunities.
If not already a client of YT, would recommend to increase business.
Well worth it for new attendees.
Just go -- at least once. Guaranteed you will learn and take away something you can implement.
If you want to succeed and feel motivated/grow then you should attend!
The annual seminar allows staff to reset/refresh their mindset on mkaing sales. I always enjoy hearing the psychology.
Definitely worth the investment! I always enjoy coming to learn, reset & gather more pearls.
I think it would be beneficial for practices that are struggling and need lots of help/improvement. It would be beneficial for new practices as well so they can start by implementing the best processes.
Seems like logical ideas - just adds accountability!
They should attend. It will help their office grow and be awesome.
There is a great amount of valuable info for anyone who attends. Just listen and find a way to implement in your own practice.
There is a lot to bring back to our practice.
Medspa was very informative, engaging, and most impactful.
Have to try it to see/gain the value of sales/management training.
Great to attend for information and tools to implement into practice.
Very helpful & changed how I looked at my practice.
Key note speakers were impactful.
Definitely worth investing in your practice to help grow.
You learn so much. Invest in your staff.

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