Testimonials - Annual Training Seminar 2022

What Our Clients Say

We are proud to have over 500 testimonials in video and written form throughout our website. Check out why our flagship annual event – The YT Seminar – is rated nearly perfect by anonymous reviews. View 2022 event testimonials below or click here for previous event testimonials.

You should absolutely attend. It will legit change your life ☺
Had an amazing experience…something for everyone. We brought 4 people this year. We signed up 16 for next year.
Do you need help in sales? GO. No? Are you dumb? GO!
Quite possibly the best seminar yet…hotel, service, locale, food A++++
Another fellow attendee made this comment, and I totally agree: ‘I didn’t want to miss a single minute, because there was so much useful info.’
The Med Spa Course with Abby and Danielle {was the most impactful}
Very well planned and executed…definitely come and sign up. Already have recommended to prospective and new attendees
The best training seminar I’ve ever attended. This seminar gives a fantastic educational base to build a successful practice
You spend so much on CMEs to get better at your craft, why not spend 1 weekend to learn how to make your business better?” + “This is the best thing you will ever do for your practice. You’ll be so thankful when you double/triple your sales numbers
Best sales training in the aesthetic industry. They can’t afford not to {attend the event}
You will pay for the seminar within one week of return + bring in 10 fold of your investment
Attend. Period. Worth it. The best work experience I’ve ever had
Need to come yearly
Loved the Med Spa Course. I look forward to Advanced track next year
We loved the educational experience. My staff are quite excited for the future
If you take your business development seriously, I’d call it malpractice to miss this meeting.
Worth it honey! It’s obvious team YT knows exactly how to execute an event.
Once again, the YT Team killed it! Just when you think there’s nothing more to learn, they bring new info – just ****ing do it!
Great event! Lots of content, helpful team and learned a lot.
This is one of the best investments in our business. It empowers the staff to do their job with confidence. It allows the team to feel valued.
One of the most valuable (and fun) investments that we make every year! Unlike any other seminar or conference out there.
This is a great investment in your people + practice that will grow your practice.
A decision you will not regret!
If you would like to grow your practice and would like to learn best practices for that, you need to attend.
It's worth attending.
I'm still learning and I've been coming for 8 years. Commit to investing in yourself and watch your ROI triple.
Most impactful thing you could do for your practice.
This training seminar is absolutely a must to attend in order to get to a different level of your practice.
Why not spend one weekend learning how to make your business better?
This is the best thing you will ever do for your practice. You'll be so thankful when you double/triple your sales.
Great amount of actionable info that will be implemented immediately.
Worth it honey! It's obvious team YT knows exactly how to execute an event.
They can't afford not to.
If you are unsure of whether growing 6 or 7 figures going into the next year, don't go! If you are even 1% sure you do want that, then GO! Most impactful talk? Dan's YT Breakout.
Knock it off, you're going. You won't regret it!
The investment is worth it, you can only take away knowledge and pearls to bring into your practice even if you don't sign on consult.
Always something to learn. Great to learn from other practices. Seminar is educational and fun- very on brand for YT! Most impactful session? Jon's Day 1 morning talk.
You don't know what you think you know and YT teaches you that in the nicest way possible.
Event is a must! Across the entire event from first-timers to the frequent flyers, everyone gained wisdom and better understanding.
It has made me a better manager.
You will hear things that will challenge your beliefs. If you don't come willing to change your practice and your approach to your business you won't benefit very much. Mindset.
Do you need help in sales? No - Are you dumb? Yes - GO.
Most impactful meeting I've attended!
It's the highlight of the year, and great bonding + planning time for our team. Most impactful session? Advanced sales PCC breakout with Ed
Worthwhile investment! You will pay for this seminar within one week or return and bring in tenfold your investment.
The greatest career improvement investment.
Even if you think you are doing it perfect, this gives the opportunity to tear our process apart to find the blind spots. Reminders of why each step is crucial for you, the doc/provider, and the patient. Improves efficiency and allows us for a more successful practice.
DO IT. Don't fight the process. Just let it happen and get ready to learn. If you think you know it, it may be true, but are you implementing it?
I didn't want to miss a single minute, there was so much useful info.
Absolutely attend. You will 100% get your money's worth, and more.
It is beneficial as a human and can be applicable to many career paths.
I would tell them YT offers elevated education for those looking for to elevate their career.
Not only will you grow your practice financially, but your practice (PCCs, doctors, providers, etc.) will also grow professionally and you'll most definitely stand out from the rest.
Do it! Especially if you are new- it was so great and we are happy to be a part of the YT fam!
They should definitely attend.
Expensive but worth it! Will (should) impact your practice.
Silly not to attend!
Need to come.
This will help your practice grow 120%!
It's a great way to open your mind on how practices from all around become successful. It's also a great way to build relationships with your team members and have some fun outside of the office.
Most definitely I would recommend to any practice that wants to keep and continue growing successfully.
ATTEND! If you want to upgrade/better your success within your role, YT seminar in my opinion is a must.
It will expand not only your skills, but also your belief in yourself.
Definitely do it.
Excellent course, you will learn a great amount. Believe in the system.
Benefit to future practice growth/income. Most impactful session? Medspa talks with Abby and Danielle.
Attend! It lights a fire in PCC's for the remainder of the year and allows them to seek counsel from like-minded individuals.
That is so fun and 100% worth the money and time for the experience.
Soak it all in! Being your entire team.
Absolutely attend!! The ideas that we implemented after our first seminar have improved our quality of consults and our schedule is full.
The meeting pays for itself. It's a great way to motivate the team and boost spirit. Always 1st class, YT always seems to outdo themselves.
Trust the process! It really does work!
Believe in the process and take in all info that you can. Great opportunity for team building with staff and meet others in the industry.
If your goal is to grow as an individual and grow your practice, I am not sure why you wouldn't. So much fun! So thoughtful, so informative.
I would tell future attendees to definitely attend and that they would not regret it and that the information being taught is very beneficial.
Beautiful place! Beautiful people! Business overview you cannot go wrong. Great for team building.
Absolutely do it! Wonderful, energetic way to get rejuvenated to go back and make changes.
It's totally worth it. Your practice can and will grow.
YT offers great training and support. Worth coming.
It inspires and shows how to grow in a super possible attainable way.
Absolutely attend! So many gems. You won't regret it.
Definitely attend! Very informational, interactive, and beneficial.
If you want to be successful - attend. It's not only about sales, it provides pearls about how to be the best "you."
You absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Empowering.
Great event. Highly recommend. Most impactful session? John Berry's on marketing and Google ads.
Significant investment but worth it. Very good experience.
Do it! You won't regret it. Great investment in your staff that will only help grow your practice.
You will leave with pearls of information regardless of how many times you have attended.
Absolutely attend! Process works! Motivating! Fun!
If you are wanting to improve as a PCC this is the only event that can truly help.
Practices should make this a requirement!
Concept was solid, you have to go in person.
Come with an open mind and be prepared to need to start a diet Monday (oh, and bring a sweater.) Most impactful session? The medspa course with Abby + Danielle.
If you think you know everything, you don't. Most impactful session? Ed's breakout for super duper sales.
This is my second year attending and I have looked forward to it for months!
It's the BEST thing you could do for yourself and practice.
100% worth every penny.
Worth it. My first time and will not be my last.
If you want tools and tricks you can use immediately, you need to come. We brought 4 people this year, and we signed up 12 for next year.
Just do it! You won't regret it. Drink the Koolaid and you'll be glad you did. Your practice will thank you.
For a new practice, this is phenomenal.
It reminds you why you like what you do for a living, great reminder! I talked to two surgeons who were unsure about going but then watched the testimonials and signed up.
Excellent to transform the way you think about sales in the plastic surgery world. Most impactful session? PCC group training with Dan.
DO IT!! First time attending, overall great experience. Very informative, they pay attention to detail.
Attend. Period. Worth it. The best work experience I've ever had. Phenomenal.
Very educational, high quality event with significant ROI
It would be a mistake not to attend, make the best decision and investment in your practice!
Great for networking and identifying issues in your office system.
They will get valuable info on how to grow their business.
It's a wonderful event, great speakers, great food, great company.
Be the 1%
Plan to learn a lot and get great food. Very long and very cold.
Absolutely go! You won't regret it.
It's worth it. Very educational!
Increase in revenue for investing
Don't take it personal! YT has helped me grow so much professionally.
Might be overwhelming + hard to implement with just an annual event.
It is an extremely valuable seminar with great ideas that help grow a practice.
Make the investment
Come! Very good information.
Overall, a wonderful experience!
It is worth it and then some. Most impactful session? The VIP session with Ed.
Bed ready to learn and be excited to have fun!
Keep an open mind to a new way of thinking.
100% invest and attend. This seminar is going to help take your practice to the next level.
Incredibly educational, proof is in the YT practices. Applicable to all practices.
Just do it.
Informative, well organized and thought out
You will learn a lot about sales and you will make more money with YT! Also, It's fun and they put on a great party! Most impactful session? The Advanced session with Dan + Ed.
Do it. You will thank me later.
Definitely beneficial for all practices to help grow your business, everyone has room to grow.
It's incredibly useful, especially for first-timers.
This event will be helpful for any position in the practice.
Everyone should come at least once and experience it.
Way to maximize your practice income.
Do it! Definitely worth it!
I would definitely recommend!
Come ready to learn and open minded! Ask lots of questions and meet lots of contacts.
Open mind. Be prepared to learn.
YT has definitely helped our company and the tools they teach would benefit anyone in the industry.
Amazing! Be prepared to learn.
Give it a shot, if you buy in, you won't look back.
Come with an open mind and don't assume you are already doing it right.
This will make your numbers go up.
Great, thorough seminar. Loved all the pearls given! Most impactful session? PCC breakout with Dan.
Come. It is practice changing.
Amazing experience, extremely informative.
Would benefit any plastic practice.
Great information for management, PCC sales, and front desk.
Totally should go! Very resourceful and great to hear it first hand in person.
I think all staff members should attend at least once to understand the entire process and really buy into the YT system.
What sounds obvious is not destiny.
Come. Until you do you won't understand the value.
Well worth the experience.
Very worth it, great team building experience. Most impactful session? Ed's breakout.
You will not regret it!
It works.
Do it. You won't regret it.
Well worth it.
It works.
There is something new you will learn.
Optimistic, on point, invigorating.
Only attend if you're willing to have an open mind and change your ways.
If you want to improve, go, and trust the system.
Educational and enjoyable!
Do it! You will not regret it!
The training was very informative.
Come open minded!
Open minded and be open to changes.
That it is the single most impactful thing that they can do for their business.
Definitely come and sign up.
Great speakers, informative content.
Just do it!
Great way to reorganize the practice and improve booking ratios.
Insightful, educational, fun
Very informative.
Do it.
Great experience.
It's great to experience great speakers and information.
Do it at least once.
Fun, educational content, made me more confident.
Just go.
Very helpful and educational.
Really informative!

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