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We are proud to have over 500 testimonials in video and written form throughout our website. Check out why our flagship annual event – The YT Seminar – is rated nearly perfect by anonymous reviews. View 2021 event testimonials below or click here for previous event testimonials.

I would have given all 10's but I can't really say "exceeded" because you have met my expectations exactly the way I have come to expect from YT. So... do I think everything was great, spectacular, awesome...YES!!! --- You should absolutely attend with an open mind -- It will legit change your life
My favorite seminar of all time. Incredibly relevant and full of wise content based on real data and experience.
It is a great eye-opening experience for motivated staff to gain new perspectives on the business of aesthetic medical practices.
Go! You will thank yourself, as will your accountant.
I invest in myself yearly by attending the seminar because the returns I see not only include seven-figure sales growth year over year but a happier more cohesive team that works towards bettering the patient experience and outcomes.
Don't miss it if you are serious about growing your cosmetic practice and revenue without working more days!
We need this! Straightforward, no BS, business training for sales teams who want to soar.
As helpful and enjoyable as every other year.
You don't know what you don't know, and I guarantee that you don't know what they teach. It is an excellent seminar to help grow your business. Jon does smell really good! :)
Come ready to learn the trade secrets to great success in private practice.
Get over it and come. It's fun and informative.
A great overview of helpful practice ideas to increase profits, customer service, team buy-in, and improved owner quality of life. Nice location with amazing food that can team build and improve my practice.
Really wonderful... changed the way I think about the PCC role.
This was an amazing event for anyone new, seasoned, or looking to grow as an individual contributor or practice! It was very well planned, no expense spared and very engaging speakers
It's 100% worth the investment! It allows you the opportunity to grow and push yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be.
I feel rejuvenated and ready to KILL it!! Bring as many team members as possible.
You will always get your money's worth.
It is super beneficial to understand/learn the psychology of why YT works.
Incredibly educational! The hotel and food were such a treat. I will return to work and immediately apply what I learned.
If you are looking to make money or educate your employees, go to this event. You will be so happy you went it will be worth every penny you spend.
Just do it! Dive in and invest in your team and office. This is such a rare event where you really feel like entire YT team cares about your career and office growth.
Invest in your practice
I love YT seminars and learning something new with each speaker. It motivates me to come up with new ideas and to be positive about my role. YT rocks!
So much info that it gave me a headache -- never thought I would enjoy a headache!
Well run meeting. YT team was fantastic.
Coming for years, it has been wonderful to see continuing of underlying foundational principles coupled and blended with the evolution of changes in technology.
Best event for PCC's to help grow your practice.
Great seminars. Gave our practice a lot to implement and even more to consider. I expect significant growth for our practice based on methods presented.
Beautiful and impactful seminar! My expectations were blown out of the park. Thank you for putting in so much attention to detail! Great experience!
If you are interested in sales, attend! Because they will provide you with all the tools and techniques needed to be successful as a PCC
Very thoughtful, intentional, solicitous planned event. From start to end, bravo!
It is nothing I was expecting, but somehow everything I hoped for.
The training seminar has been amazing... I honestly wish there was more time to learn/go deeper.
Lots of topics/options.
We felt it was our BEST seminar yet in terms of content. Flow of days were also much improved.
Was great to spend time with the team outside of the practice.
If you want success in your practice and a fun weekend, then attend.
Come prepared with an open mind and tailor the information given to your role -- it can apply to all office staff.
Come in with an open mind, be willing to implement the best practices when you get home, and it will undoubtedly be worth it.
More education and takeaways than you would expect at a convention.
Worth the investment --> you will always learn something new.
Definitely attend, so valuable for PCC, management & MD's.
You're crazy if you don't go. The system works if you trust it :)
It's worth the investment. Just go.
YT gives you the tools to be successful. Be open to learning & listen to the facts! It's helpful and encouraging.
Learned so much and very excited to use everything the speakers went over on my day to day calls.
It is a great conference to help navigate leads and conversion.
Key for Dr and PCC to be present.
I was (admittedly) surprised this year to learn as much as I did on a 2nd year.
Overall awesome, good quality content... Just gooooooooo - you'll see!
The information alone you learn is worth coming. It helps put into perspective things you're doing wrong/not so well, and fixing or problem-solving.
Good time! Fun speakers.
Well organized and packed with valuable information.
Great system to up efficiency/productivity. Great networking with successful practices.
Well put together. Logical though not intuitive.
You will get at least something meaningful out of it.
Excellent for PCC (surgical and non-surgical) and practice owners.
Great information.
Extremely informational inspiring and eye opening.
It was a lovely weekend.
Open mind to learning in new ways to add to the sales process -- great tools to share with our staff.
Very informative and mostly relevant to most practices.
This event is unparalleled - meet other practices, interact, take valuable info back to your practice that will root you in a growth year unlike before!
Come with an open mind to listen to new ways of doing things.
Very informative! I learned a lot and made great connections!
Come with an open mind. You don't know what you don't know.
Definitely attend. It provides a lot of valuable information that could improve their role dramatically.
It works but you must be willing to put it to work!
The breakout session with Ed super helpful.
It is absolutely worth the investment in your staff/practices.
This seminar has been extremely helpful and very detailed so it's easy to put these concepts in place.
Extremely informative, fun, and relatable.
Amazing! I learned so much as a first time attendee. I am super excited to come back next year.
As someone who was hired with no previous plastic surgery experience, I appreciated the resources were catered to the industry.
Fantastic program, excellent speakers. Must attend.
Definitely go!
This was amazing!! Everything was very organized and exciting.
Just do it, it's worth it.
YT has made it possible for staff to get focused.
Great information, fun, interactive.
Overall this was a great experience. It was entertaining and educational and motivating.
Go! You will expand your knowledge tenfold.
Seminar touches on several aspects that will be super beneficial to all of the staff.
I feel motivated.
Do It!
Worth the investment:)
It was engaging (not dry). The speakers were funny and kept me awake.
You have to attend.
I would recommend this seminar to everyone. You will learn so much from the start.
Very helpful, energizing and motivational.
Really enjoyed it! Helped me to get out of a rut and am ready to get back to the office and make some sales!!!
I learned just as much the 2nd time around. Lots of great info.
High quality.
Lots of pearls of wisdom to take home.
Wow! I've learned so much to improve the work that I do as a PCC! Hotel is beautiful, food is excellent, speakers not boring!
Great info this year, loved the advanced training.
Great info/presentations. Engaging and well thought out.
Very valuable. An excellent experience.
Very helpful - thank you.
As always it was a great experience. Learning additional information but also getting the time to bond with my team (which was much needed). It's exciting, education mixed with fun. I look forward to the next seminar!
Well worth the time and effort to attend - the rare meeting that I can say this for.
My experience has been amazing, inspiring. Having the ability to network with others, brainstorm with others is exceptional. I plan to take back what I have learned and share with the team, incorporate processes and practices, as well as ideas to grow professionally.
I am new to my role and plastics in particular so the timing was fantastic.
First timer here! This seminar was so educational and exceeded my expectations by far!
Great experience! Very informative and helpful. Also, love the energy and enthusiasm!
Wonderful experience, very knowledgeable information to take home.
All around a fantastic experience from the hotel, food, and definitely the breakout sessions. Speakers are very knowledgeable and specific to what works.
Once again, the YT team killed it! Just when you think there's nothing else to learn, they bring new info.
It was all great information.
I have truly enjoyed finally meeting the YT team in person and getting to network with PCCs everywhere. It has been a wonderful refresh of the seven steps.
From the moment we arrived, all accommodations were excellent. Jon, Ed, Dan, and Danielle were amazing speakers. Easy to stay interested throughout all topics of discussion. Honestly, everything was impactful and I am honored to be here, learning from all of you as well as those from other practices. Very insightful.
Very informative and motivating.
Yellow Telescope over delivers each and every time! The best investment I have ever made for my practice.
Always enjoy the reinforcement of critical concepts, luxurious
I would recommend the seminar to individuals in the aesthetic industry without a business background. I would estimate in that context it would generate high value.
The hotel was amazing and the food/drink was great too. A good amount of breaks and a good recap from the 2-day training I recently had.
Very interesting information.
Great experience.
It was very insightful and organized, it was a new but educational/fun experience.
I thought it was very informative and helpful
Wonderful and important seminar. Loved the speakers and topics presented.
It's always good to learn new things - with YT I realized I need to work on a few things.
Love the Q+A, discussion of best practices, etc. I am doing all the things, but it is great to hear different words and approaches that I can take home and apply. We should do more!
I did need to revisit the process.
It was a good overall experience.
Very informational
The meeting was well organized, fun, and generally informative.
Extremely motivating - we are excited to go back implement the great ideas we learned.
Great experience, I will make changes in our practice based on what I learned.
First time attending the YT seminar and I have been thoroughly pleased and grateful for the support/information. (Including meeting other PCCs across the nation.)
Great insight on maximizing efficiency and optimizing sales!
Very informative and refreshing. Hands down, better than any other office training - thank you!

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