What Resources are Available for Medical Staffing?

While there are many options, not all good, for finding new medical staff for truly medical positions (nursing, per diem medical technicians, injectors, and other positions) there is a major lack of option to help a medical practice find and retain the non-medical staff they need to help run and grow their medical practice. Staffing companies in general typically charge a 15-30% fee based on the 1st year salary of the hired professionals, so you can expect to spend around $10,000 extra to fill a $50,000 per year job. With that said, to our knowledge, besides YellowTelescope there aren’t any staffing companies for doctors and medical practices that actually focus on or specialize in finding practice managers, practice administrators, patient coordinators, patient salespeople, and similar roles.

Hiring Staffing Agencies

There are multi-billion dollar staffing companies like Robert Half or other companies focused on hospital and healthcare staffing, but again, these companies really focus on getting your practice nurses and medical techs, not new managers, COO & CFO and other similar sales and administration positions filled. They often suggest they can help with these positions through their corporate executive recruiting wings, but we suggest considering YellowTelescope as YT fills ONLY these positions. We have an existing database of thousands of resumes, staff positions all over the nation. This includes New York City, New Jersey, Miami, Boca Raton, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Orange County, Houston, Baltimore, Wastington DC/Alexandria and more. We have clients as far as away as Melbourne and Sydney, Toronto, and elsewhere.

Doing it Yourself

Many doctors choose to try to staff their entire practice on their own. Good people are hard to find, but particularly for the business functions of the practice, as there is almost no formal sales, management, and administrative training, there is a lack of trained talent. This creates a need for a physician or practice to actually invest in finding good people. Unfortunately, most doctors buy lasers for hundreds of thousands of dollars, computer systems like Nextech, PatientNow, Dolphin, Inform and Enhance, TouchMD, Patient Pad and others, put ads in their local society magazines, pay for radio and SEO ads, but never invest in great people. Look no further, but be careful if you have to hire on your own. A last option is to search resumes on Monster, Healthecareers and similar, but it costly as well and simply finding a good resume is hard enough, let alone knowing how to actually create and build excitement to RECRUIT, not just hire. Recruiting is an art and a skill and experts are needed at least for the most high-level people in your practice.