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May 16th 2024 Current Webinar

ReceptionScope 58: Patient Engagement Beyond the Office Visit – Follow-Up Strategies

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Apr 17th 2024

ReceptionScope 57: Building Long Term Relationships at the Front Desk for Patient Retention

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Mar 14th 2024

ReceptionScope 56: Mastering Digital Communication: Text and E-mail Etiquette

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Feb 28th 2024

ReceptionScope 55: Front Desk Efficiency – Time-Saving Tips & Tricks

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Dec 5th 2023

ReceptionScope 53: Elevate & Celebrate – Your Strategy for Success in 2024

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Nov 9th 2023

ReceptionScope 52: An Intentional Approach to Sales at the Front Desk

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Oct 12th 2023

ReceptionScope 51: The Front Desk’s Dynamic Impact on Surgical Scheduling

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