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ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 14: 6 Month Check-In Facing COVID-19 Challenges

YellowTelescope VP of Operations, Jill Peeling, join Abby and Ed to tackle the most common challenges practice are currently facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Past Webinars

*Past webinars are only available for 30 days after the live event. For questions, please e-mail


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 13: YellowTelescope’s Inbox Management Strategy

Senior Director of YellowTelescope, Dan Grantham, reveals the secret sauce of our proven efficient email management system, used both internally here at YT and shared with practices all over the country.


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 12: Don’t Flake! How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

Learn the tried and true YellowTelescope process to increasing show percentage in your practice, because as we say, “no one spends less than a no-show.”


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 11: 8 Proven Tips for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Product

Vice President of SEOversite, John Berry, and Abby Karcz discuss a variety of ways to introduce patients to products in your practice, from bundling to front desk sales tactics.


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 10: Special COVID-19 Webinar – Your Guide to Reopening

YellowTelescope President, Jon Hoffenberg, and Abby Karcz share tips on how your practice can elevate the patient experience and reopen safely (and efficiently) as we enter this next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 9: Special COVID-19 Webinar – Navigating the Next 30-60 Days

Executive Vice President of YellowTelescope, Ed Syring, and Abby Karcz share specific tactics on how to approach scheduling, patient communications, and generate leads during this time based on real results from our YellowTelescope practices across the nation.


ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 8: RealSelf Presents Capturing More Patient Reviews-

Executive Vice President of YellowTelescope, Ed Syring, welcomes special guest, Director of Practice Development at RealSelf and Violist extraordinaire, Eva Sheie. Learn best practices for gathering reviews from the expert.

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ReceptionScope Webinar 5

ReceptionScope 7: How to Handle a Difficult Patient

Executive Vice President of YellowTelescope, Ed Syring, reviews a few psychological concepts and how they apply to dealing with difficult patients. Learn why patients behave poorly and how to help them through the consult process.

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ReceptionScope Webinar 5ReceptionScope 6: Jon & Abby Role Play the Hits

President of YellowTelescope, Jon Hoffenberg, along with Abby Karcz, review how to handle some of the most common patient questions – you won’t want to miss this “album.”


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ReceptionScope Webinar 5ReceptionScope 5: The Doctor is Out – What to Do on Dead Days

Director of Training and Marketing YellowTelescope, Abby Karcz, shares 11 ideas on how to maximize your time on slow days when the doctors are out of the office.

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Plastic Surgery Front Office TrainingReceptionScope 4: Knowing Your Practice Like the Back of Your Hand

Guest speaker and Senior Director at YellowTelescope, Dan Grantham, reviews how to create a doctor stump speech and stay consistent when describing procedures in your office.

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Download Creating a Stump Speech Worksheet

Front Desk Schedule TrainingReceptionScope 3: How to Cope (or Better Yet, Thrive!) When Running Behind Schedule

Director Training & Marketing, Abby Karcz, shares action-oriented tips for handling late patients, appointments running behind, and scheduling errors.


ReceptionScope 2: Schedule Management Mastery

Guest Speaker, President Jon Hoffenberg and Director Training & Marketing, Abby Karcz, review best practices for schedule efficiency. Learn implementable tips to optimize your practice schedule and maximize sales. Plus, hear about the hot updates monthly raffle and watch our first cooking video.

ReceptionScope 1: The Core

President Jon Hoffenberg introduces what to expect on these monthly webinars and key members of the YellowTelescope staff. Learn the core techniques to answer phones and greet patients properly. Listen as Jon explains the difference between being pleasant to patients and creating a connection with them.