The Power ff Habit

Issue #13 – The Power Of Habit

For those readers who have listened to any YT Executive Team Member speak, you have likely heard one of our core beliefs: “We are not consultants and do not believe in consulting.” While there are many excellent consultants in a variety of industries and most mean well, we have always been committed to working with practices exclusively for long periods as we believe the only way to effect change AND sustain change is through the formulation of positive habits.

In Simon Sinek’s exceptional book on leadership, Start With Why, the essence is captured:
“Managers of companies, big and small, all want to do well, so they make decisions, hire consultants and implement systems to help them achieve that desired outcome. But all too often, it is not the systems that fail but the ability to maintain them…I’ve implemented a lot of systems…only to find myself back to my old habits two weeks later.”

YT believes a major key to practice growth is the formulation of positive habits within the practice. This is intuitive, but easier said than done. Indeed, one major challenge is that every employee, physician, and manager already has habits that have been formed and old habits die hard. Understanding as a team that growth occurs through first UN-learning prior bad and good habits, and then re-forming newer, more effective habits is paramount. Ensuring your team understands the following realities will assist in re-training your practice for greatness:

    1. We each have habits already formed. Some good. Some bad.
    2. To grow we must undo both the good and the bad habits, which can only occur through self-realization and admitting those habits exist
    3. Next, we can work together, or with a team of experts, to learn the correct habits – many of which will be new and counterintuitive, while others we will re-learn.
    4. We must demand of ourselves the continued commitment to those new ideas until they become engrained in the day-to-day mindset of every employee, ultimately creating exceptional results and a brand new CULTURE.
    5. This process will take more than a year.

Ultimately, YellowTelescope is one option to select to both learn the processes and counterintuitive, yet proven, steps necessary to grow practice results exponentially. Through the formulation and implementation of correct, tested habits, sustained through a period of time, the ceiling of what your practice is capable of achieving is raised several times over. Culture is hard to reverse – that is why it is challenging to change. When bad, average, or good culture is reversed to formulate and sustain greatness, the new culture is also built to last. What will your culture be in 2014?

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