Episode 24: A Practice’s COVID-19 Survival Guide

As Covid-19 affects how we all work, Jon and Ed take the time to speculate on how their learnings can apply to an unprecedented time...

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It’s been an interesting week. Jon and Ed, along with the great team members at YellowTelescope, SEOversite, and iScreamSocialMedia, have seen a lot transpire in dozens of practices in the past few days and wanted to share some impassioned perspective and implementable tips on how to make the most of the immediate future in a practice, and how to plan for the long term. In this rare, but necessary, display of their social distancing, join Jon and Ed from the safety of their respective home offices as they describe exactly how to perform a virtual consultation, how to approach patients and staff in the face of panic, how to prioritize expenditure in the time of a temporary pause in cash flow, and think and act as a strong leader able to withstand the challenge. And grab a glass, since we’ve all earned the dram of whisky (fancy Hakashu 18 and more humble Basil Hayden Port Rye respectively) they’re toasting. This is actionable info in any difficult time…

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