Episode 20: Marketing Through Enhanced Planning

Back in action after a robust respite from recording, join Jon and Ed as they celebrate the 20th episode of the YellowTelecast to cap off the best year yet for the company. Most growing practices, doctors, managers, and top sales people don’t always plan their goals very well, let alone how to actually achieve them.

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While previous episodes have discussed team annual planning, this episode dives deeper into what each individual can do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve their personal and practice goals. Further, 2019 brings great opportunity to plan for more effective marketing with new initiatives gaining momentum in the digital world. Practices, however, often mismanage budgets (by first committing the fallacy that you even need a marketing budget) and incorrectly execute what they think is a logical marketing plan. With a little planning, a little whisky, and a little ocean view before a little golf at The Little Club, Jon and Ed outline what you can be doing better this year and beyond based on what they’ve seen in hundreds of practices worldwide.

Jon and Ed recording a podcast while drinking whiskey

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