Make Your Annual Planning Meeting Far Out (of the office)

To take a step back, you need to take a step out (quite literally). No, we don’t just mean have your meeting outside (although if it’s a nice day we wouldn’t be opposed), but take a break from the office and go offsite. You don’t need to get fancy or spend a lot of money, someone’s house (preferably a member of Management) or even a private dining room at a restaurant works. Physically removing yourself from the office helps mentally remove the running list of minutiae that bogs you down. Fresh surroundings bring a fresh perspective. When you get people out of their scrubs and out of their normal surroundings, it breeds creativity and focus.

Suggestions Please For Improving Your Medical Practice

The meeting should be run and organized by management. However, preparing for your planning meeting is a great opportunity to put your ear to the ground and see what is rumbling around the office. Send out an email requesting topics people want to discuss. By having everyone contribute topics they feel heard even if you won’t have time to discuss everyone’s ideas. Once you have the suggestions compiled, send it out to your team a day early so they can review it (print copies to have in front of everyone at the meeting as well).

Set Goals and Take Action For Effecting Annual Planning

Set goals and work backwards, easier said than done, but it has to happen in order to truly plan for the year in a meaningful way. You should come prepared with your financials both for the previous year including each month’s numbers broken out (ideally you should have this meeting in the fourth quarter of the year). This way, you are able to identify what we like to call “make a killing months” and “make a living months”. After reviewing these numbers and talking this out with your team, you will have a clearer vision of which months you need to grow in order to have a strong year. These months are a great opportunity to run a special in your medspa or plan for an upcoming price increase to bring in more patients.  The goal of your meeting is not only to discuss areas of improvement and opportunities, but to come out of it with a solid plan with clear deliverables.

Keep Your Planning Meeting Positive and Fun

The planning meeting should be realistic but positive. No negative finger-pointing, but feel free to shoutout individual’s achievements. The experience should be motivational in many ways. It is a great time to announce contests, awards, employee promotions, etc. Get everyone excited to hit the ground running and make it an even better year than last.

To put an exclamation point on the day, plan a fun activity post-meeting. It helps to see each other in a different light and understand what people are like outside of the office. You will be able to tolerate Susie’s forgetfulness a little better if you know you enjoy playing ping pong with her. We practice what we preach and had a whiskey tasting and dinner out with the whole crew to mark our annual planning meeting this year, leaving everyone excited to head back and implement the ideas discussed.

If you find yourself planning your meeting and feel stuck or needing something more to kick-start your practice growth, reach out so we can help. You can find us at or 305-455-0720 for more information on our services.