Who Should Perform Patient Consultations Within My Medical Practice?

There Is Always Competition For Medical Services

Who Should Perform Patient Consultations Within My Medical PracticeIf your practice sees patients on a daily basis who have a choice in provider, then you are technically “selling” yourself and your practice to that patient. Surely, if your practice is a facial plastic surgery practice specializing in facelifts, rhinoplasty, botox and juvederm injections, and more, then as your patients are paying cash for their procedures and the reason for a salesperson or patient adviser is extremely clear. What is less clear at first is that even a doctor performing MOHS reconstruction, breast reconstruction, cleft lip or palate repair, teeth cleaning or eye exams, or any other insurance-based form of medicine, the patients still are making a choice every time they call or visit between you and the myriad competitors in your market. From New York to Miami, Chicago to Chattanooga, Trout Creek Michigan to Los Angeles, there is competition for medical services everywhere.

Why A Salesperson Should See A Patient Before The Doctor

Because of this, YellowTelescope believes every practice should have a salesperson seeing every patient before the doctor does on any significant procedure in consideration. That salesperson should also be presenting prices, options, and then AFTO (asking for the order) to encourage as many patients as possible to select you. The doctor should never do the sale him or herself. There are many reasons – for example, it is awkward for a doctor to present price, to outline his/her own accolades, and makes the doctor appear desperate or unaccommodating in many cases. By having a trained professional educating the patient, presenting prices, and helping the patient to schedule, the doctor and practice save time, money, discount less, keep better patient relations and online reviews and ultimately increase business within their medical practice. Having trouble finding the right people? Need staffing help? Simply contact YellowTelescope and we can help you hire, train, manage, and retain the best personnel, and also bring your practice goals into focus with a growth-focused process that is unmatched or paralleled within the medical industry.

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