Take Advantage Of An Expanded Applicant Pool In January

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The holiday lights are coming down and the reality of another new year is beginning to set in. What better time to look for new staff? Whether you are looking to expand your staff or replacing an employee, January is a great time to begin your search for new employees.

Why Is January The Busiest Time For Staffing Your Medical Practice?

We all make goals for the new year, if not formal resolutions. For many of us, looking for a different job is part of our new year plan. During the holiday season people are focused on family, closing the year’s business, gift giving, etc. Once the new year begins people tend to turn the focus on themselves. They go on a diet, start working out, and start gettingjanuary calendar 2015 their resume in order.

The reasons people look for a new position are pretty simple. Ask yourself, why would you look for a new position? People want a better work environment or corporate culture. They want more money or more responsibility. January tends to be the time people make the decision to stop thinking about a job search and act on the job search. Therefore it is a great time to cast your net to find a great employee.

Financial Reasons People Look For A New Job

One of the primary reasons people wait until the New Year to begin a job search is financial. Many people are tied by golden handcuffs until after they receive their yearly bonus. People are staring down the barrel of paying for gifts and tips throughout the holidays. After they get out the other side of the holiday season, they need to replenish their savings and look towards a higher paid position. With the new year comes a new sense of determination for change. After spending money at all the sales, people make the decision to find a new job that pays more money. Instead of dreaming about it they take the initiative in January.

Environmental Reasons People Do A Job Search

We are located in sunny Miami, so while cold weather does not apply to us or some other parts of the country, it is a real motivator for colder areas of the country. The average temperature in the United States as I am writing this is somewhere around 0 degrees, many people are stuck home. They don’t want to go online to spend money or shop, job search keyboardsince they did enough of that through the holidays. What are they going to search while they are stuck indoors avoiding the cold? Many times people will start perusing LinkedIn or other employment websites.  They take the opportunity to clean up their resume and begin the search for career advancement. Imagine someone curled up under a blanket in front of a laptop searching feeling a new sense of determination to get their life in order. The image is real and happening as we speak across the cold tundra of the United States. It is your opportunity as an employer to take advantage of the expanded applicant pool.

We Are Happy To Help With Your Medical Staffing Needs…

At YellowTelescope we are more than a staffing company. We help you bring your practice goals into focus through training, staffing and consulting. Our executive team has performed thousands of interviews and staffed hundreds of positions. We not only help you hire a great employee, we train the employee to follow our proprietary sales techniques. All the while working with you in a consulting role to help your practice grow from great to extraordinary. To find out more about how YellowTelescope can help you grow your practice contact us anytime at and visit often to learn more.