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Our Flagship Event – The YellowTelescope Training Seminar

Elite-level, Intensive Training, to Improve Sales, Management & Leadership within your office.

Long Term Follow Up Basics

Watch as YellowTelescope Vice President Ed Syring demonstrates the basic, replicable process of patient follow up, which, if mastered, allows Patient Coordinators to dramatically increase the number of patients they can reach, and convert more and ore prospects to patients while improving patient care.

Have your most senior level people in your office or you ever attended a YellowTelescope Executive Training Seminar? If not, your office is leaving tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table this year alone. It’s not hype – it’s demonstrable. Make the choice to invest in yourself and your top people – office manager, patient advisor or coordinator, business manager, spouse, or other senior-most team members. This event is not for everybody – just your best. Invest in personal growth, improving business acumen, and invest in the growth of your practice. Sign up today.

Here are the facts:

Every existing long-term YellowTelescope Patient Advisor averages 60-85% in-office patient booking ratios before a patient leaves the office.
   Many average over $3,000,000 in annual sales in just their second year on the job, while nearly every practice grows between $100,000 and $1,300,000 in the first year after hiring YellowTelescope Long-Term Oversight.
And all of this occurred during the worst economic years in nearly a century.
You can now have yourself or your people attend one of our seminars and be well on the way to achieving similar results. Read the Testimonials – approximately 98% of attendees would recommend their colleagues attend the seminar and our most recent event was rated a 9.68 out of 10 with speaker quality of 9.49 out of ten – nearly perfect.
And it is 100% guaranteed – if you do not go back to your practice and sell more, we will refund your attendance fee.

Most doctors and most medical office managers, medical office executives, patient coordinators and similar simply do not have formal business training and often have no formal training of any kind. And yet most of doctors entrust their practice 100% to that person anyway, partially because they lack formal business training themselves (“I went to medical school, not business school” is the common comment heard throughout the industry). The doctor and his/her key people have never attended more than a break-out at a medical conference to improve business skills, never have learned from true industry experts how to properly sell, close, manage, lead, and grow their practice. They have never been tested to ensure concepts have been learned and are replicable in their home offices. In the end, most have learned to be reasonably effective based on common sense, practice, and work ethic, but have hit “the wall” and are held back from greatness and getting to the next level. This is not because of a lack of talent, but rather a lack of training to create the skills that cultivate that talent. This is why YellowTelescope Training Seminars exist.

Your people crave knowledge, training, motivation and the belief that you have invested in them and their future. Despite this, most doctors choose to invest in new advertisements that do not generate leads, new lasers and equipment that are a burden on the budget and become obsolete, new PR firms that fail to get results, and new floors or flowers to improve the look of the office which do not translate to greater business.

This is your chance – Don’t make the same mistakes as most doctors – invest in your people, today.

YellowTelescope Training Seminars are not cheap – we would rather explain our pricing once instead of apologize for poor results forever. This investment, however, creates tangible results AND is Guaranteed!! In short, you will pay nothing if you do not get the results you deserve after your top people or you attend one of our elite-level training seminars.

Learn more about the YellowTelescope Seminar Guarantee:

So What’s It All About?

Each YellowTelescope Training Seminar happens only once a year and is a two day event (Friday/Saturday), which only takes your staff member or you out of the field for a single-day, but which creates results permanently.
The singular focus of every event is to teach business skills and to grow practice results. The first day is focused on improving initial phone calls, live consultations, doctor consultations, booking patients, and more. The second day is focused on staffing, website improvement, personality testing, management, organization, and leadership. Everything is focused on improving the practice’s profitability by growing people personally and professionally.
Every attendee is taught skills and then tested for knowledge and ability to implement. They return to their offices not only more educated, but ready to execute. Every topic is based on proven methods from sales, management, and leadership textbooks, and usually has been tested in our existing client offices who are responsible for over $100 million dollars in total sales.

Topics Include:

  • How to increase average order within the practice – Considerably Better Closing
  • Keys to improving closing ratios
  • Tips to increasing consultation schedule and show percentages
  • Conducting the perfect consultation using “7 Steps to Making a Sale”
  • Understanding Needs-Based Selling
  • Interviewing For Results, Hiring for Talent, Training for Success
  • Proper Delegation and Daily Organization to Increase Revenue
  • The Many Misdemeanors of Management
  • Growing Horizontally – Adding new locations, new procedures, and new revenue streams to your practice
  • Growing Vertically – Maximizing upselling opportunities within a practice
  • Improving Website Conversion Ratios
  • SEO – Maximizing Website Visitors and Managing your Web Vendors
  • Monetizing Social Media for your practice
  • The Perfect Doctor Consultation
  • Positive Employee Turnover
  • Building Rapport and Relationships to Influence Results
  • Growing Your Referral Business – Grass Roots and Guerrilla Marketing and Outreach
  • How to grow your practice by 500k, 1 million or more in a single year
  • What does and does not matter – Statistically Accurate, Yet Counterintuitive Realities of Growing a Practice
  • Leadership topics including – The 10 books to read to change your life
  • Example, Management by Walking Around, How to Achieve Zero Turnover, Identifying Personality Types
  • And Much More

Every event is led by YellowTelescope Founder Jon Hoffenberg (a graduate of the #1 Business School in the country – The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania who brings over 15 years of sales management experience and has overseen sales forces of over 1000 employees) and Senior Vice President Ed Syring III, a Wake Forest graduate and former Patient Advisor who averaged over 80% in-office surgery booking ratios and over $3 million per year in sales, staffing, organization, leadership, and management experts. Additionally, the YellowTelescope executive team is made up of some of the industry’s most successful sales and management experts.

Their unique experience is unparalleled within the medical industry. The proof is in the results – click on our testimonials pages to see several hundred testimonials from your peers. Listen to the YellowTelescope YellowTelecast Podcast by downloading it in the iTunes or Google Play store.  Doctors and teams have flown from as far as Australia, Portugal, Canada, Hawaii, California, New  York and dozens of other states to attend this event. Jon and his team have been feature in major articles in MedEsthetics, Practical Dermatology, Plastic Surgery Practice magazine, Surgical Aesthetics Magazine, Modern Medicine, Millennial Eye, ISAPS Journal, AE Magazine, Hair Transplant 360 Volume 2, Start-up Nation, Medi.Beauty, and more.  YT President, Jon Hoffenberg, was named one of South Florida Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Business Leaders in South Florida in 2015 and YellowTelescope was named the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce HYPE Entrepreneur of the Year.

Learn more about our Executive Management Team:

Ok – YellowTelescope will bring my practice goals into focus – It’s GUARANTEED. But how much will I invest in myself or my people and what is included beyond unparalleled training?

  • Most YellowTelescope Events take place in Miami, the YellowTelescope headquarters
  • Our prices are 100% all-inclusive – just fly or drive to the event and the rest is taken care of at no additional charge
  • Every attendee will arrive Thursday night at their convenience in Miami after being able to work a full day at their home practice
  • Your attendee’s hotel is 100% included – Each attendee will receive 3 nights (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) in a 5 Star hotel – often the Mandarin Oriental Miami or Ritz-Carlton – YellowTelescope believes 100% in creating a positive, inviting environment that is conducive to learning. We want your staff member to know and feel that you value them and we want our doctor attendees to be able to focus and be surrounded by calm and excellence
  • All food – breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner on Friday, as well as breakfast and lunch Saturday, plus snacks and Friday evening reception – is included
  • Welcome and parting gifts, all materials, notes, and branded products are included

Your investment is a truly exceptional value. If your practice sells 2 additional surgeries in a lifetime after leaving our seminar your investment was worthwhile – our expectations are much higher. The ability to pay in easy monthly installments without interest leading up to the event makes it an even easier decision. While more costly than most medical conferences that teach little from a business perspective it is important to note:

  • We do not wish for you to send more than your most high-level people to these events. They are not for lower-level employees, but rather for the key people who impact your practice more than anybody
  • This event is Guaranteed to create results. If your attendee does not feel this was the most productive business conference they have ever attended outside of other YellowTelescope events, we will refund 100% of your investment – you have nothing to lose, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Amazingly, we have never been asked to provide this refund – a testament to the results we achieve as well as the caliber of our events.
  • And once your key person or you attend, you become a “Telescoper” for life, which will entitle you to complimentary conference calls, occasional perks, and discounted rates others do not receive

There is nothing like this event worldwide. There is no other event, to our knowledge, specifically for doctors and their higher-level staff members, focused solely on the bottom line and practice growth. Remember all of the things in which you have invested – now ask how many times that has been your people or yourself. We believe your team and you are the most important keys to your practice growth – we prove it every day with our own practices. Come learn what we, and every former “Telescoper,” already knows.

Space is limited and we do typically fill fully as attendee counts are always limited to ensure an intimate environment conducive to learning and personal growth. So get started today by filling out the form below to speak with a member of The YellowTelescope team. As you cancel without penalty until 45 days prior you take no risk in signing up today. We look forward to welcoming you to the next YellowTelescope Seminar. 

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