Medical Training for Business – Does it Really Exist?

Doctors crave and need training for their staff members. In an industry that is surrounded by medical training, where doctors go through 30 to 35 years of education to be a doctor, nurses must become RNs, and even medical techs must get certification, surprisingly there is very little formal training for office managers, salespeople, patient advisers, patient care coordinators and other key people who impact service and the bottom line. Google can find anything you want in the world using artificial intelligence. Doctors can reconstruct a face. But the doctor’s team cannot get people to show up or get a solid buying ration or percentage, or get service provided at a 5 star level. So how can doctors ensure their teams are trained well medically and for business? There are several good options. First, many doctors will invest in a medical training seminar with a business management track attached to it. These are a mile wide and an inch deep in that they have lots of talks, and only one in every 4 or 5 are very good. But due to large volume there are some nice tidbits and practice pearls to learn and implement. These conferences are not expensive so for a newer doctor make sense.

YellowTelescope Annual Training Seminar

YellowTelescope offers a more advanced course – it is more costly, but is targeted at high-level training for medical practice managers and sales staff. Run over two days at a 5 star hotel, everything is included in a one-time fee and it is guaranteed or your money is 100% refundable. It is worth the investment though we work here so check out our testimonials for proof.

YellowTelescope Long-Term Oversight

Last, hiring a long-term consultant, like YellowTelescope Long-Term Oversight, can be very lucrative, but costs a bit more. There are other consultants out there for web design and hosting as well as SEO and SEM, and others that try to replicate our results with just a few days. Do your research and be sure you will get the results you want. There are not a lot of other options for doctors seeking help in growing their practices, but reading books regularly on leadership, management, and sales is important and admitting if you don’t have time or skill to implement or learn growth ideas is equally important. In those cases consider professional help though a medical training company like YellowTelescope.