Does my medical practice consultant need to be local and work on-site at my offices?

Here at Yellow Telescope, we often get requests for consulting jobs, staffing projects, and training seminars from doctors with practices from around the world. Many of our clients that attend our annual flagship training seminar come from places like Toronto, Australia, Texas, Illionois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, and California. We have many that travel from smaller town which have some very successful practices as well,includind doctors, practice managers, and practice care coordinators from towns places like Orange County, Oakland, Palm Beach, Charleston, Charlotte, Oklahoma, Urbana Champaign, and more. So there is no question that we offer truly guaranteed training for medical practices located throughout the united states and the world.

For more comprehensive onsite and offsite consultant and ongoing training, a lot of doctors are initially wary of hiring medical practice training and staffing firms outside of their local area. This, however, can be a big mistake. When it comes to your practice’s growth, it is what determines your livelihood so picking the right consulting group to grow your practice is very important. As a doctor, many patients make the mistake of “staying local” to make things convenience, but most doctors and staff know that to find the best a patient often must travel. From top cancer centers like MD Anderson in Houston and Sloan Kettering in NYC, to eye centers like Bascom Palmer in Miami, and places like the Cleveland Clinic, people are willing to travel to get medical care done properly. So why would you entrust your business to somebody local solely because they are local? Rather, the doctor should select the firm or company that can deliver results.

In today’s technologically savvy age, there is Skype and Facetime to “meet without meeting” – staffing can and is often done from afar. Talking by phone with occasionally supplemental live visits is a prudent and cost effective way to get results. We have had doctor say “I believe the only way to grow results and my team is by visiting live” – to this, our answer is “on what is that belief based?” Facts? Or feelings? We have actually tracked medical practice growth for plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, cosmetic dentists, periodontists, and opthalmologists and in ever practice we have worked with in 6 years, we have achieved revenue growth of between six figures and over on million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. And only one client is in our city and only 3 are within 100 miles of our Miami headquarters. So the proof is in the pudding. When selecting the country’s best business consultants, they often will be from another state or country. Within the medical space, it continues to be proven that YellowTelescope is the best business consultant group in America and we are proud of our hundreds of testimonials, perfect track record of medical practice growth, and fine executive team consisting of graduates of places like Wake Forest, Embry Riddle, and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Over our many years in practice, we have succeeded in growing practices throughout the world.