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YT-Approved Med Spa Trends Reshaping the Industry in 2024

At YT, we’re not just staying on top of med spa trends, we’re often defining them. Our passion for innovation shines through our extensive 6-hour MedSpa Course at the Annual YT Seminar, but here are...

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Why You Should Have “One More Employee Than You Need”

Who is your “one more than you need” employee? Wait, you don’t have one? Most businesses are lifelong members of that club. Not sure if you need one or if it’s worth the extra money?...

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Keys to Mastering Your Doctor/Provider Accolades Explanation

The joke goes, “Raise your hand if you think you are one of the very worst doctors in your area!”  Nobody has ever raised a hand, yet 49.99% of doctors and providers, by definition, in...

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2022 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Highlights & More

The 12th Annual YellowTelescope Training Seminar was a smashing success! Our largest event ever was full of unparalleled education, epicurean delights, remarkable entertainment, and ocean views for days. Let’s get into some of the highlights...

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Dec 14th 2023 New

Episode #31: Annual Planning – Who Not How

Join Jon and Ed in the throes of practicing what they preach, mid-execution at the YellowTelescope, SEOversite, and iScreamSocialMedia Annual Planning Meeting.

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Jun 8th 2022

Episode #30: Bigger Slice of a Shrinking Pie

Join Jon and Ed for their first ever pool-cast, broadcasting from a private villa plunge pool in Mexico, practicing what they preach.

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Apr 13th 2022

Episode #29: Managing Growth Through Intentionality

Jon and Ed are back with another Best Practices for the Best Practices Podcast focused on focus – and where practices should be directing it, now more than ever.

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Oct 18th 2021

Episode #28: Building Value Through Advanced Accolades

In this episode, ahead of the 11th Annual YellowTelescope Training Seminar, Jon and Ed elaborate on how top practices truly build the value in their brand and confidently educate their patients and prospects....

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