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Issue #25 – Check-Up From The Neck Up

                With grills still smoldering from Memorial Day barbecues and weekend bags pre-packed for the next mid-summer’s jaunt, many of us relish this bright and sunny time of year to recharge the batteries and sneak away from our hectic weekday responsibilities, until Labor Day ushers in the fall grind that is “back to school”, even for those of us long since graduated.
                As the first half of the year comes to a close, and the YellowTelescope team heads to Las Vegas for our annual pilgrimage to what metamorphoses into the epicenter of American cosmetic surgery for 5 days, we have the opportunity to reflect on accomplishments and plan for momentum maintenance through the end of the year.  While traditionally the end of our “busy season”, the past few weeks have been the most successful in company history and we find our schedule suddenly jam packed through late year with staffing, training, and management assignments for our “Long-Term Oversight” clientele.
                Whether simply serendipitous or the direct result of years of hard work (we’d like to think the latter), the deluge of new projects occurring in June provides a particularly appropriate time to reevaluate where we’ve been and are headed, and especially how we’re going to get there.  As Miami Heat fans, watching Lebron make it to the Finals (down 0-1 to Steph Curry and the Warrior’s scoring juggernaut as of the writing of this newsletter), we’re currently trying to minimize basketball references, appropriateness aside.  But the summer half time is a perfect chance to step into the locker room for a “check up from the neck up,” and search for opportunities to renew your team’s focus heading into the second half (we just said we’d avoid these basketball references, yet here they are).  We’re encouraging our clients to do the same, and thought we’d provide 3 timely reminders for practices looking to head into the third quarter with plans to continue growth both personally and professionally. 

  1. Who am I?  Why am I here? – This famous soundbite succinctly reminds us to “start with why,” the title of one of our favorite books by Simon Sinek.  As we wrote about over a year ago, it’s important to define your “raison d’etre”, the very root of what makes a leader, and therefore an organization, happy in both personal and professional life.  For us this remains: “YellowTelescope helps motivated people reach capacity.”  With our clients, the obvious application is helping doctors grow their practices, and helping managers and patient coordinators maximize their skills through training and oversight.  But we apply this routinely within our own organization.  In just the last few weeks we’ve been able to offer raises, expand part-time positions into full-time opportunities, and promote individuals into roles with greater responsibility and potential for reward. We have found that as we help motivated people reach capacity, “the business comes,” we grow and opportunities abound for our local team.  As you look back on, or continue to define, your own “WHY”, look for places to motivate your team, your friends, and yourself.


  1. “Friends to know and ways to grow, a Reading Rainbow” – Just hearing the first few bars of the “Reading Rainbow” theme song should make most of us want to finalize our well-curated summer reading list.  We’re finishing The Art of Social Media and starting Getting Naked: A Business Fable, but there are so many great reads that can help you learn more about yourself and your business while soaking up some rays.  We often recommend choosing a book to read together as a team.  If everybody reads a chapter a week you can discuss what happened Monday morning and throughout the week.  By Labor Day you can apply what you’ve learned to finish the year strong and when you schedule your 2016 planning meeting.  Pick something you love and that will impact your team.


  1. Get out your seat and jump around!” – Wedding season brings out every weekend DJ and this classic call to action, but don’t stop at the dance floor.  Whether it’s a weekday evening al fresco team dinner, a weekend team building event or training seminar, or a full week at a Las Vegas conference, carve out time to invest in yourself and your team outside of the office.  Some of the best learning comes from being in a fresh, vibrant environment.  Here in Miami, practices from every corner of the nation and across the globe fly in for the annual YellowTelescope Training Seminar, our flagship event October 9th and 10th, not only to soak up the industry’s finest medical practice sales and management training, but to do so in a 5-star hotel, sleeping in an ocean-view balcony room, and munching on fabulous food – a chance for doctors to reward themselves and their top staff members, and share the experience with dozens of like-minded practices in a gorgeous setting for two intensive days.  Find a chance like this to have some fun, while truly investing in your and your team’s personal growth, whether it’s a few hours or a few days.

We here at YellowTelescope wish everyone a safe, happy, and productive summer!  Read future issues of the YellowTelescope newsletters or visit and regularly for more tips to improve your practice. Don’t forget to stop by our booth or see us speak in Vegas (wish us luck), forward this to your colleagues, download our podcast, and email us with questions at anytime.