Perhaps the most popular speech surrounded the essentials to presenting fees properly within medical practices.  To hear this 15-minute talk from YellowTelescope EVP Jon Hoffenberg, a link is provided for you at the bottom of this email. Additionally, for quick review, we are happy to present five key concepts to increasing close ratio and presenting fees properly:

  • The pre-consultation call with the prospective patient is the most important part in booking a surgery – your top patient advisor or salesperson must invest at least 10-15 minutes on the phone prior to the consultation.  Offices that continue to have the receptionist schedule appointments are losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue annually.
  • Before scheduling the patient for the appointment, top advisors always determine the patient’s goals first, then tailor the rest of the call to address those concerns, goals, and objections.
  • This introductory call (an example is provided in the audio clip), includes a “trial close,” which requires presenting a broad range of prices to gauge patient readiness and getting a timeframe during which the patient was hoping to have the procedure based on his or her schedule. By doing so the patient advisor is well prepared before the patient arrives to present fees and schedule the surgery on the spot.
  • Jon Hoffenberg - Presenting Fee's PerfectlyCommunication with patients through email should be treated with the same care and time as a new patient call or consultation. Building urgency, presenting broad price ranges, asking for timeframes and levels of preparedness – all of these can be typed as easily as spoken. By treating your emails like live calls, your booking ratio increases, while negative reactions to fee presentation decrease.
  • Once the consultation is actually in progress, broad fee ranges should be presented again before the doctor meets the patient and re-gauging timeframe for surgery should also occur. At this point, the patient will have been asked about the timeframe and have had presented approximate fees twice, which at the time of consultation permits a pressure-free and confident presentation of fees in person, once the doctor has met the patient. A confident patient advisor is one who has the best chance of having a great sales closing ratio.

To hear more on these concepts, please play the recording provided to the right. We think you’ll love the information.