As YellowTelescope’s ‘WHY’ is to “help motivated people reach their capacity,” one might assume this newsletter will encourage all readers to get more inquiries and contact SEOversite immediately. Counterintuitively, the YT executive team concluded that this underscores the core of why YellowTelescope exists. The facts are that the vast majority of doctors are not converting the patients that already have contacted their offices at the rates they should. With 100% of YellowTelescope trained practices achieving in-office booking ratios of 60-85% (average practices schedule under 20% in-office and under 40% in total), it becomes clear that practices must streamline and cultivate their processes for converting patients prior to investing in more leads. Both components are of great importance – we must ensure the majority of patients contacting our offices are not lost to competitors and we must work to obtain more patient inquiries.

Our team, with that in mind, has created a check-up-from-the-neck-up questionnaire below to help you determine where to invest your time and effort when improving your practice to ensure you are poised for a record-breaking 2015:

  1. Is your in-office patient booking ratio for treatments and surgeries costing from $2k to $40k over 50%? If so, getting more inquiries with or without the help of SEOversite makes sense.
  2. Do you have staff in place to handle a substantial increase in patient inquiry volume or do you need to invest in hiring, training, or oversight for your team members first? If you lack proper staff, YellowTelescope can help or you can invest time in training and staffing your practice on your own.
  3. Do you have a dedicated patient coordinator who sees patients before you do, prepares you for the patient’s needs and goals, and then presents prices and schedules patients after your meeting? If not, this should be a top priority before investing in new lead generation.
  4. Do you lack a website or do you have a website that has not been overhauled in 3 or more years? If so, there is no question you are leaving money on the table and should strongly contemplate finding relief through other companies or SEOversite. Having a fresher site doesn’t mean you do not need help as well, but if your site is 3 or more years old, it almost certainly will need to be modernized to score a higher Google ranking.
  5. Have you had significant turnover in the last 12 months? If so, your investment should be in your people – hiring the best, training them properly, sending them to trainings, reading books on management and leadership, and seeking self-improvement.
  6. Is your Page Rank a 4 out of 10 or lower? If so, you may need help with your web presence and please contact us at (To find your overall page rank, go – type in your website and click to see how you are doing – it’s free).
  7. Do you find your web team does only what you ask, nothing more? Do you sense they are letting your “plate spin” if you are not persistently bothering them? Are lead counts stagnant or decreasing? Are you unsure exactly what your web team does or do they say things like “We don’t really believe in page rank as a major factor in your web presence” or “We use a content-focused strategy” or “What are we doing for you? Well, we do a monthly blog most months and some onsite SEO to try to get you to be more visible”? Does your web team send you long email lists of “search terms you rank well for on google,” but most of the terms are things like “earlobe repair” and “stitch removal” or are targeted only for your local area, not your larger market – for example, ranking well for “breast augmentation Glenview, IL” but not for “breast augmentation Chicago, IL”? If you are hearing these things, contact SEOversite today – we can help.
  8. Do you feel your practice can generate more revenue and profit, but also feel you are quite busy and are having trouble getting out of work on time? If so, your conversion rate is not high enough so you may be expending too much energy and time seeing patients in consultation who have no intention of proceeding. More than new leads, you may need YellowTelescope, or another company of your choosing, to help guide your progress and improve your conversion rates.

We hope these questions serve as good fodder for dialogue at your local office. We welcome your questions as we bring your practice goals into focus. Whether you find value in our complimentary monthly newsletters, but are not ready to invest, or if you know that help is needed to take your practice to the next level, YellowTelescope and SEOversite are here to serve. Stay tuned for exciting updates after our sold-out Annual YT Training Seminar in early October.