Does Experience Matter When Hiring Patient Salespeople?

How YellowTelescope Hires Salespeople and Practice Managers

Does Experience Matter When Hiring Patient SalespeopleYellowTelescope specializes in helping doctors hire, train, manage, and retain the country’s best salespeople (in the medical industry often called Patient Advisors or Patient Care Coordinators) and Practice Managers. Finding great people is both a talent and a skill. Often doctors are taught that experience alone is the key. How often have we heard “you can’t put a price on experience” or “listen to your elders.”

Counter intuitively, while experience does not hurt in most cases, it can be a double-edged sword. The question is “what kind of experience?” Often, those with prior practice management or administration experience fit well within one specialty (let’s say non-cosmetic dermatology) but not in another (perhaps plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry which have a larger cash-paying clientele that require more sales acumen). In other cases an applicant has “experience” working at a new medical practice every year for 10 years – that is not good experience is it?

Hire For Talent Above All Else

YellowTelescope believes in hiring for talent above all else. We seek “capacity” – the ability for a person to soak up and gain knowledge, then to translate that in to business results. In some cases, the smartest, most capable, most professional person ALSO has experience and that does not hurt, but experience is only one factor when selecting great people for a doctor’s office who can grow sales, organizational and management results.

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