“Essentials to Presenting Fees Properly” by Jon Hoffenberg.

8th Annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2012 Symposium.

We have to present them with the price three times on three separate dates in order for them to present to you with the Platinum American Express, which is like a soft kiss on a salesperson’s cheek. That’s my analogy. I do have a talk that goes along with it.

We’re to talk about key concepts in presenting fees and I definitely feel very differently about presenting fees than almost anyone I’ve ever met, which may mean that this speech will be very well taken or maybe raise some questions. My theory is that this presenting of fees is something that is done right in the beginning and the sale is already done before you ever meet the person and everything to me is move forward and moved up. So I’ll kind of run you through my concepts on this.

Listen now to Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Jon Hoffenberg speak on Essentials to Presenting Fees Properly

Just you know where we’re coming from. We actually manage practices every day that are actually selling in offices every day in all kinds of cities across America. Our average YellowTelescope advisor currently sold over $2 million individually. Two of them sold over $3 million last year individually for the same practice that makes it a big practice just one surgeon doing surgery, and they do have very high close ratios, and we do pretty much sell top dollar surgery, very expensive stuff. So we feel like anything under a quarter million dollar a month for any individual salesperson probably is not doing fantastic. So we’re definitely getting results.

The most important part is really what’s happening pre-consultation, we believe that by the time you get off the phone with a prospective patient, the very first time the sales over, everything else is gravy. If you haven’t nailed the pre-consultation call, in our opinion, you’re missing out on business. Read The Full Article: Essentials to Presenting Fees Properly by Jon Hoffenberg