Effective Practice Management and Training Tips

You Should Focus On What You Are Good At

Effective Practice Management and Training TipsIt is regularly suggested that doctors train for medicine and not business skills. Little could be more comical than a person performing surgery who never attended medical school. What is often misunderstood is that those who never attended business school try to train others in the key concepts to grow a medical practice. Every practice with which YellowTelescope has contracted has grown by over 60% – no small accomplishment in a tough economic environment.  This is not coincidence. We run practices every day, have executives with business degrees from Wharton, the country’s #1 Ivy League business school, as well as Wake Forest, Florida State Honors College, and much more.

The first and most important strategy to growing your practice is to hire professionals as soon as your plastic surgery, dental, fertility, facial plastics, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, Lasik, or other practice plateaus. This is not to suggest every medical practice must constantly pay consultants to help them succeed. Rather, it is to suggest that when a practice levels out, the process is not working using your old methods so fresh ideas (we are not the only option, though our track record is strong) should be welcomed.

In general, you want to hire talent, not experience. A doctor should focus on having the employee work on their strengths, not improve weaknesses.  And the physician should attempt to train people hands-on with lots of time and attention, which is only possible and easy if the doctor genuinely likes the person he or she hired.  There are many other keys to training in a medical practice, but start with these simple solutions and watch your annual revenues and profits rise.

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Jon Hoffenberg and the executive YellowTelescope team speaks annually in Las Vegas at the multi-specialty meetings to a group of over 1200 doctors and staff.  They also speak at AAFPRS in places like Boston and New Orleans, but locations change every year. They speak on topics like overcoming patient objections, how to hire, train, and manage medical staff, medical sales people, doctors, patient coordinators, and even practice managers. Other speeches discuss firing, staffing, training, management, leadership, and more. Many practice owners and staff members attend the flagship YellowTelescope Training seminar which occurs annually, usually in October, in Miami.  Everything is included – hotels, food, luxury 5-star hotel rooms, and more. There is a cost but the event is guaranteed to grow your practice results or your money is returned – 100% guaranteed.  With that said, there are other ways to learn from YellowTelescope through a variety of educational outlets. YellowTelescope webinars through practicedock.com are conducted for hundreds of attendees and YellowTelescope has a podcast with Ed Syring and Jon Hoffenberg, YellowTelescope partners, called the YellowTelecast with in-depth and fun learning opportunities for physicians and doctor staff alike. If you would like to find out more about how YellowTelescope can help you grow your practice please contact us today!

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