YellowTelescope discovered, through its now (in?)famous clandestine missions to master sales and marketing in the medical arena, the counterintuitive solution nearly six years ago: Every doctor will do better if they can get more patient leads, however 99% of these doctors are leaving over 60% of their profitability on the table while executing a recursive plan to constantly reinvest in more leads that do not buy. In other words, doctors want new poker chips when they have thousands of dollars’ worth in the middle of the table.

Statistically, the middling practice in the elective surgery space gets about 15-20% of patients to book surgery while in-office and another 15-20% to call back later to schedule. This is a 30-40% overall booking ratio and 100% of practices that YellowTelescope oversees average between 60-85% in-office scheduling ratios, not including call backs. This includes young, largely unknown doctors amassing around $500k, to large practices achieving closer to $10 million in annual revenue, and includes vastly different locations and specialties. We underscore this point not to brag about results, but rather because step one for each reader is to admit that this ability exists and that your practice has chips on the table.

Once you admit there is business to be had, you can attempt to retrieve this hidden treasure. Yes, contacting and hiring YellowTelescope is one option and a second is at least attending our annual seminar in October. In the meantime, however, there are some simple no-cost keys to getting your team on the pathway to victory. Here are some trouble-shooting questions to ask about your practice, which also give away a few of our hidden secrets we implement when you use YT services – the answers should be “yes”:

  • Does the most sophisticated communicator on my team schedule surgical consultations?
  • Does the most sophisticated communicator invest an average of 10-20 minutes on the phone with every potential surgical patient before they arrive in my office?
  • Do I have a patient coordinator meet my patients before I see the patient?
  • Have I read the article on perfecting the doctor portion of a consultation on that originally appeared in PSP Magazine? Am I directive in every consultation?
  • Have I ever invested money in getting my senior people trained and what is my follow-up protocol to ensure teachings are actually implemented?
  • Do I, if legally allowable, pay my managers and sales team on an incentivized basis so they earn more when I earn more? Are they seeing income rise every time they book a patient in-office
  • Do my people have a sophisticated “stump speech” reviewing my myriad accolades so patients can learn about why to choose me without the need for me to cover these items?
  • Is our team attitude that we will “ensure patients are well prepared by the time they walk in” and not “get every human in our doors at all costs”?

There is much that goes into achieving exceptionally high in-office booking rates over 80%, especially for practices that don’t charge for consultations and have heavy web-lead volume. Achieving these figures is nearly impossible without extensive on and offsite mentoring. With that said, with no additional costs, the average achieve large increases in profits through slowly implementing protocols and policies each week that help the practice to answer the questions above properly.

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