Dr. Merriman Long-Term Consulting Case Study

“I can’t even express how much I appreciate you, Dan and all of the YellowTelescope, iScream and SEOversite team for the guidance since we signed on with y’all and especially through COVID-19. Pretty sure I would have made some not so wise decisions without your team in my ear.”

Dr Merriman working with a patient

Consistent with the national average for same-day in-office booking ratios, Dr. Merriman’s practice previously booked 15-20% of all new consultations before patients left the office. Unfortunately, this meant 80% of the time was spent seeing patients unqualified or unprepared to schedule surgery. Dr. Merriman desired to make better use of her time, grow the aesthetics side of the practice, and raise her fees, but she didn’t know where to start.

After meeting the YellowTelescope team in the ASPS exhibit hall and having a few conversations with the YT executive team, Dr. Merriman decided to take matters into her own hands and finally sign on after three months of consideration.

Immediately before signing the agreement, she got cold feet and considered backing out entirely.

However, after further thought and a conversation with our executive team, she decided to trust the process and move forward with the agreement, and we are all sure glad she did.

Right out of the gate, the YT team trained her existing patient coordinator, resulting in an increase of her average booking ratio to 70%-90%. Unfortunately, as life is often unpredictable, this patient care coordinator (PCC) decided to move out of the area, leaving her position open. Losing a team member in this position is usually stressful for a doctor or practice manager, but Dr. Merriman didn’t have to worry about a thing. As a Long-Term Consulting client, she is “insured” for this position for the lifetime of the agreement, which means we re-staff and train in the rare event that the position needs to be filled.

We swiftly re-staffed the position with a PCC who picked up right where the last one had left off, and she has produced even better results. Dr. Merriman’s practice now averages around an 80%-90% same-day in-office booking ratio. The practice grew by nearly $300k in the first year and over $500k in the second year. They even signed a second long-term agreement after 18 months due to such significant growth and success. Their non-surgical PCC who we oversee through this adjunct agreement has increased med spa by approximately 100% in her first year in the role overseen by our Sr. Consultant, Dan Grantham.  We are thrilled to be an extension of their fabulous team!