Dr. Matthew Brace New Practice Case Study

“YellowTelescope has helped us grow immensely… they make our cosmetic practice flow smoothly and our days productive, and at the end of the day, our bottom line has improved and everyone is happier.”

Dr. Brace and his team

After opening their practice in Guelph, Canada, about 60 miles outside of downtown Toronto, Matthew Brace, MD, and his wife and Practice Manager, Laticia Brace, sought to grow the cosmetic side of the practice, increasing the volume of both surgical and non-surgical cases. New to the game, Dr. Brace was averaging 30 to 60 minutes with each consult, much of which resulted in low conversion rates. With four kids and a love for travel, he wanted to improve his practice efficiency and have a better work-life balance.

Shortly after opening, Dr. Brace and his wife attended an aesthetic society meeting and happened upon the YellowTelescope booth in the exhibit hall. After a long discussion with YT team members, they were intrigued by the results of other YT long-term clients but questioned whether the service was well-suited for a new practice. Over the coming weeks, they continued the conversation with the YT team, and within 9 months, Dr. Brace signed on as a YT Long-Term Consulting client.

Within the first two years of working with YT, the practice revenue went from essentially $0 in cosmetic cases to having their first $100,000 cosmetic month! Our YT team staffed and trained an exceptional patient coordinator for the practice who now consistently books around 80% of consultations for surgery the same day. Needless to say, Dr. Brace and his wife now reap the benefits of a profitable practice with steady growth while still enjoying time with family outside of work. Team Brace now also uses our SEOversite sister-company to grow their online presence and is a perennial attendee to our YT Seminar, which they love to attend as a team.