Dr. Slenkovich Competitive Metropolitan Area Case Study

“Year over year our practice has grown over a million dollars each year.”

Mountains and lake outside of Denver

Prior to joining YellowTelescope as a Long-Term Consulting client, Nick Slenkovich, MD, ran an established, high-end practice in the Denver metropolitan area that had significant growth potential, but was held back. The team lacked a superb Practice Administrator leading to an under-led team of patient care coordinators. Unable to pinpoint the issue, he sent his staff to the YT Annual Training Seminar to gain insight into how the practice could improve.

The following year, after some sales growth following the event and rave reviews from his staff, Dr. Slenkovich sent his team to the training again. Sales rose again, but it wasn’t until he decided to join them the third year and experienced the training himself that he realized what his practice needed to do to get to the next level. A few weeks after leaving Miami, Dr. Slenkovich signed on for the YellowTelescope Long-Term Consulting agreement.

The first change our YT team made once Dr. Slenkovich selected YT was to replace his practice manager with a superstar COO. She’s still with his practice and thriving to this day. Additionally, we trained his patient care coordinators, who were previously averaging around 20% same day, in-office booking ratios, to consistently book 80-90% of consultations
same day.

Dr. Slenkovich’s practice has grown by $500k to $1 million or more each year since he began working with us, and most recently, he signed another agreement for the YT team to recruit, train and oversee his Non-Surgical PCC and medical spa, which has approximately doubled in its first year using the YT methodology.