Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Improving Consultation Conversions Case Study

“Like most plastic surgeons I like order, I like organization and consistency, and you guys [at YellowTelescope] know how to tap into that and know how to make it work for us.”

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Prior to working with YellowTelescope, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Joubin Gabby, MD had no problem filling his practice schedule with consultations. Converting those appointments to surgery, however, was a very different story. He knew the current process wasn’t working and that his team desperately needed to be revamped and trained. After several calls with the YellowTelescope team, a company his colleagues had raved about for years, he made the decision to invest in a multi-year consulting package.

After spending a few months reorganizing Dr. Gabbay’s practice, the YT team helped him select and train a brand new Patient Care Coordinator (PCC). While this new hire had previous experience working as a PCC and a Manager for several prominent plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, she truly evolved into a superstar in her time working with YT (watch Melissa’s video here to hear the full story).

Dr. Gabbay’s practice has grown tremendously over the years, closing out 2019 with $550k in annual growth, and in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they are on track to grow by $500k-$750k more, eclipsing their best year of all-time for the 2nd  year in a row, with no end in sight! As Dr. Gabbay says himself, working with YT is a true partnership. We believe that Dr. Gabbay’s incredible work as a surgeon, brilliant marketing mind, and recognition that investment in his team is parament led to selecting us and to hiring a truly motivated PCC to help the practice thrive. This teamwork and peer-to-peer collaboration has been the perfect recipe for success.