How Can I Create a Proper Mission Statement for my Medical Practice?

Creating a mission statement for your Medical Practice

Medical practices consistently have similar goals. Those might be to “First, Do No Harm,” or “To achieve excellent patient outcomes” or “To grow every year.”  These fall under what YellowTelescope calls IGWS sayings – “It Goes Without Saying.”  Of course, every doctor and medical team wants to generally succeed, treat patients well, and get good results.  But that is not at the root of what makes a practice succeed at the highest levels.

One key for a practice is to have a true mission. The mission for a doctor should be to show up to work every day and find his or her joy, whatever makes him or her extremely happy. For example, at YT we love to “help motivated people reach capacity.” This comes from marrying skills we can teach to intrinsic talent a doctor or a team member already has, which leads to personal and professional growth. To us this means providing medical training, staffing services to doctors, and long-term oversight to help doctors learn how to run businesses better and to train their teams for excellence in the medical field so they can find out what their limits are and then strive to achieve them and reach their capacity.

YT recommends taking at least a few weeks to truly think about what allows the leadership of your medical organization to go home each night with a smile on your face. Define that. Then craft your practice to achieve that goal. If you want a work-life balance, create efficiencies in your office so others can get home at a reasonable hour, create protocols, expect 110% during business hours, create a work hard-play hard culture.  If you prefer to try to be the most successful practice in the world at all costs but want to do so ethically and honestly, you may want to hire young, hungry, hardworking employees who are willing to work overtime and late hours, but are incentivized to share in monetary and other successes within your practice.

It is challenging to build a successful plastic surgery practice, orthodontic practice, cosmetic dentistry or dermatology practice no matter what. Defining your goals clearly by defining your joy, your “why” is paramount in taking one step in the right direction to exponential medical practice growth.

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