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Our mission is to grow your bottom line by truly “bringing your practice goals into focus.” Every month (or so) you will receive a single content-rich email from YellowTelescope which will take just a few minutes to read (please add this email to your safe list – much appreciated!). If you love it, we are elated – if you are too hectic, click delete and more great info is on its way 30 days later. Plus, you can always visit us at yellowtelescope.com to read old issues and learn from the resources we have available.

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Unlike any other information source in our industry, the content will be exclusively focused on improving results and profitability with topics related to sales, management, and leadership. We like to have fun too and we write in a casual and digestible manner, but the topics and key takeaways are all business. We know you get more than enough email already and greatly respect your time – please give us a test drive by reading the next few emails you see from us – if you don’t love them, let us know and we won’t take another moment of your time. If you do love them, please forward the email to each of your colleagues at any level of the medical community so they may learn from us as well.

We here at YellowTelescope realize that doctors go to medical school, not business school. We understand that there is essentially no formal training for doctors or sales staff at medical practices and hospitals, leaving a void of managerial and leadership training skills. Successful people crave knowledge and personal growth. Through this personal growth comes professional growth. We hope to be one great resource in helping you and your team on that path to excellence and profitability. We believe that most people reading this are doing well. We also believe that “good is the enemy of great”  so it is easy to get complacent. These simple monthly emails, in return for a  few minutes of your time, will surely get your “greatness” juices flowing and keep you on track to leave “good” in the dust.

Here is a preview of just a few topics that are  upcoming:

Thanks so much to the many doctors, staff, and business executives who have supported us over the last 4 years and to all of you for your continual positive feedback and future support. We cannot wait to begin this new journey on our mission to help practices find greatness every day.

So Who Are These YellowTelescope Folks?

Good Question! YellowTelescope was formed in 2008. After building one of the most successful plastic surgery practices in the nation, the executive team realized that while much of what they did was counter-intuitive, it was also replicable if taught by true experts. They also realized the growth was sustainable within medical practices if long-term oversight was provided to ensure habits were formed, and ultimately proper practice culture grew from those habits.

With that in mind, Jon Hoffenberg –  a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and an executive with over 15 years of experience in executive management, having overseen a sales force of over 2000 – along with his YellowTelescope partners and executive team, set out to achieve the results they had created in their original Miami and New York City-based offices.

Since 2008, YellowTelescope has grown from a start-up to become the medical industry’s premier staffing and practice training company. If a practice needs a new salesperson (patient advisor, patient care coordinator, and similar roles), practice manager, or associate, YellowTelescope uses a proprietary system to help your practice identify, hire, and train your new superstar. If a practice has excellent existing team members but wishes to grow in an industry with a dearth of formal training and education for the business people that make your practice succeed, YellowTelescope offers 2-day high-level intensive training seminars as well as long-term programs to help a practice grow.

The results speak for themselves. Nearly every practice with which YellowTelescope has worked in a long-term capacity has grown by 100k to over 1.25 million in their first year with the YellowTelescope team  – an amazing result during one of the worst economic periods in our nation’s history.

About Yellow Telescope

We help doctors grow their aesthetic or elective  practices, whether they are solo practitioners or within a group practice, in exactly 3 ways:

  1. Training – we run in-depth training for high-level practice managers and sales staff in the medical industry. These  2-Day events are literally guaranteed to grow your medical business.
  2. Staffing – we can recruit, then train, then even supervise a high-level employee at your practice. We run practices every day so know exactly what you are looking for. Hire us to hire the practice manager or salesperson who affects your results more than any other single factor.
  3. Practice Management  – we can help run your entire practice while maintaining your autonomy. Every practice we manage has grown by 60-125% in the very first year they have worked with YellowTelescope. And we don’t make a dime unless you grow. Founded in  2008, YellowTelescope is a company, unlike any other in the aesthetic surgery field, focused solely on medical practice growth.

Learn more about why  YellowTelescope has become a multi-million dollar-per-year industry leader at yellowtelescope.com.

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