Best Medical Practice Meetings and Conferences for Business Growth

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Which business growth meetings and conferences are the best for my team to attend if I run a medical practice?
There are many conferences every year within each medical specialty. From plastic surgery to dentistry, dermatology to anti-aging medicine, each specific sector of the medical field has sanctioned and unsanctioned meetings to attend. Many physicians and medical practice owners are unsure of where to invest their hard earned money to not only learn how to run their practice better but to also help their team members, like practice managers, practice administrators, patient care coordinators, and treatment coordinators thrive and be retained.

The first important step is to separate excellent medical meetings from excellent business meetings. If you are considering bringing your ancillary staff to a medical conference and the people you are bringing are in charge of front office, back office, marketing and medical sales, then it makes a lot of sense to avoid investing in the majority of conferences that teach a doctor how to do a better botox injection, facelift, put braces on, etc. Rather, seek events that teach exclusively business skills – YellowTelescope’s Training Seminar, their flagship event, is certainly the option we love most – while other medical conferences have a separate “management track” that provides between one day and 5 days of pure business knowledge.

Unfortunately most of these business meetings are filled with the same consultants and same business people providing the same information year after year.  With that said, every fourth or fifth speech offers some pearls of wisdom for your practice and a few of the talks and speeches can be superb.  The good news is these events are less costly – often just a few hundred dollars and show your team members you are willing to invest in their success.

While we are biased, and we are not the only dedicated business seminar focused on training and management as well as sales and leadership for practices hoping to grow, we do feel we offer the finest event and separate ourselves from any other business meeting, training seminar, or medical conference in the world, for a number of reasons. First, the event – the YellowTeelscope Training Seminar is all-inclusive. Each attendee receives an ocean-front balcony suite at a 5-star hotel like the Mandarin Oriental or Fontainbleau in Miami. Second, attendees are international and interstate. So we have attendees from Australia, Canada, California, NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, and beyond attend.  Seminar size is limited so the group is intimate, lifelong connections take place, and there is time and space to truly practice, role-play and master skills that will help a practice grow. We do not believe in business consulting, per se, but do feel that with 2-days of intensive training a doctor can bring home tips to grow their practice that will pay for the event in the first week after attending. We are so confident we guaranteed the event to be the best an attendee ever goes to or we give a 100% money back guarantee on this business seminar focused on staffing, training, management and leadership for doctors and medical practices truly committing to taking their results to the next level.

In summary, look at the events in your area of medicine. Determine which are dedicated to, or have  significant business track or management and leadership session. Then select one you feel offers the best talks and if you can find a dedicated seminar on sales, management and growth, consider that event strongly.

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