About YellowTelescope

YellowTelescope was formed in 2008. After building one of the most successful plastic surgery practices in the nation, the executive team realized that while much of what they did was counter-intuitive, it was also replicable if taught by true experts. They also realized the growth was sustainable within medical practices if long-term oversight was provided to ensure habits were formed, and ultimately proper practice culture grew from those habits.

With that in mind, Jon Hoffenberg –  a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and an executive with over 15 years of experience in executive management, having overseen a sales force of over 2000 – along with his YellowTelescope partners and executive team, set out to achieve the results they had created in their original Miami and New York City based offices.

Since 2008, YellowTelescope has grown from a start up to become the medical industry’s premier staffing and practice training company. If a practice needs a new salesperson (patient advisor, patient care coordinator, and similar roles), practice manager, or associate, YellowTelescope uses a proprietary system to help your practice identify, hire, and train your new superstar. If a practice has excellent existing team members, but wishes to grow in an industry with a dearth of formal training and education for the business people that make your practice succeed, YellowTelescope offers 2-day high-level intensive training seminars as well as long-term programs to help a practice grow.

The results speak for themselves. Nearly every practice with which YellowTelescope has worked in a long-term capacity has grown by 100k to over 1.25 million in their first year with the YellowTelescope team  – an amazing result during one of the worst economic periods in our nation’s history.

The YellowTelescope executive team speaks annually at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) meeting, Las Vegas Multi-Specialty meeting, various Ophthalmology and Cosmetic Dentistry meetings  and more. They have written articles appearing in Plastic Surgery Practice (PSP) Magazine, Surgical Aesthetics Magazine, and more. Jon has also been published and written a book chapter for Hair Transplant 360: Advances, Techniques, Business Development, & Global Perspectives entitled “Perfecting the Patient Consultation.” Clientele travel from as far as Australia and Canada, as well as throughout the United States for YellowTelescope Training Seminars and long-term clients seek out YellowTelescope from Miami to New York, Baltimore to Los Angeles, the Carolinas to Indianapolis.  There is truly no company like YellowTelescope. Contact us today to learn how we can help you “bring your practice goals into focus.”

So how does YellowTelescope “bring your practice goals into focus?”

Extensive Medical Training Seminars

Doctors and their key business managers (office managers, patient advisor/coordinators, spouses, business managers) attend 2 day intensive workshops where the singular focus is teaching and implementing business skills that translate into immediate results for practices. At a minimum, even if a doctor never utilizes YellowTelescope for management or staffing, the small investment in attending an intensive workshop is perhaps the most worthwhile investment any practice can make. Invest in your people first. And if it is not the best meeting you have ever attended, you will receive a 100% refund. You have nothing to lose…Invest in your people first.

High-Level Medical Staffing And Hiring

Doctors hire YellowTelescope’s Staffing wing to identify, interview, and recruit high-level employees (office managers, patient advisors/coordinators, business managers, doctor associates and similar). As YellowTelescope runs one of the largest practices in the world and works with large and small practices nationwide every day, coupled with the fact that there are no other staffing companies in the nation that focus solely on the key positions we fill, we truly know EXACTLY what you are looking for in a new employee. Of all the areas to save money, finding the right people is not one of them. Our vast resources and industry knowledge, database, industry connections, and simple understanding of your practice, help us help you find the best people for your practice in any city in the USA. Indeed, your top person in your office is the single greatest factor in your success after yourself.

Long-Term Oversight To Grow Your Practice

Doctors hire YellowTelescope to help them grow their practices. Nearly every practice we have worked with has grown by 100k to over 1.25 million in their first year working with our team – an impressive statistic during some of the most challenging economic times this century. Whether you are doing well and hope to do even better or are struggling to get patients to select you, YellowTelescope can help. We are not for everybody – we are not all things to all people – we are not consultants. Rather, we form long-term relationships to grow practices through ensuring the right people are on the team, they are in the right role, and they are selling and achieving at the highest levels. This takes time and we commit to your practice for the time it takes. You keep 100% of your autonomy – we simply become, in essence, your de facto “Executive Vice President” and drive the business for you while you are performing medicine.

 What others are saying about YellowTelescope:

I learned from other practices similar to ours to develop better techniques…It was very informative.

Rebecca Hoffey Practice Manager

What would you tell future attendees about this event? “Bring all staff, not just one!”

Monica Bonakdar MD

Incredible to hear other experiences and thoughts…thought adding business people was very good.

Neil Gordon MD, FACS

Actually, quite a good experience…like the open dialogue

Louis Frisina Co-Founder Envigor Anti-Aging

Attend – listen – learn – excellent session!

Robert Colucci COO

Impressive – overall discussion of a ‘group practice of excellence’ and how to bring value to the worth of a practice. You will learn more than you expect or could imagine

Neil Gordon MD

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