Issue #12 – The 7 Steps to Making the Sale | Step 7 – AFTO – Ask For The Order


Issue #12 – Step 7 to Making the Sale –  Ask For The Order

Once we have established rapport, reviewed the patient’s goals & needs, “built up” the doctor by highlighting accolades, reviewed the procedure exhaustively, performed a trial close (feel out patient timeframe & financial readiness), and have the doctor provide a confident, directive recommendation, it is time to ask for the order (AFTO). Regardless of industry, the most important step in the process of completing a sale is posing a “yes or no” buying question directly to the consumer.

YellowTelescope believes that the difference between a “showman” and a “salesman” (or woman) is this 7th step and the difference in average income between the two is enormous due to the natural fear that many people have of asking for the order, which makes those willing to ask, highly desirable. Below, we have outlined the psychology behind why fear of AFTO exists, as well as tips to overcome this fear and schedule patients on the spot in a comfortable and low-key manner.

  1. When one fails to ask for the order, or shows apprehension when doing so, the root cause is likely a fear of rejection, which stems from a lack of knowledge – a powerful and controlling kind of fear. As we know from Issue #9 , patients need to be highly educated about a particular procedure or treatment. This leads to comfort and the elimination of fear, ultimately leading to a order. Similarly, doctors and patient advisors must have knowledge of expected patient reaction in order to be comfortable enough to AFTO. If you are unsure of the answer, this lack of knowledge causes you to ask without confidence or skip AFTO altogether, due to fear of rejection.
  2. Our 7 Steps to Making the Sale, outlined in the past 7 issues of our YellowTelecope Newsletter, methodically eliminates fear in the patient, but importantly, also eliminates your fear while selling which places you in a position to be 100% comfortable when you AFTO. By building rapport, we take away fear of overstepping bounds. Reviewing practice history, accolades, and explaining the procedure and recovery in detail, ensures the patient loves the practice and has no fear. The trial close gathers information on patient readiness so you can handle monetary or other remaining concerns and learn in advance if the patient is likely to schedule immediately. The doctor consultation builds trust and confirms everything the patient has heard. At the end of this course, you are aware that the patient has no fear or objections, eliminating your fear as well. At this point, you will not only AFTO, but can do so with extreme confidence and without pressure. This one-two punch of asking with confidence results in high booking ratios.
  3. We recommend something as simple as the following YellowTelescope Magic Word Track: “Great. So the price of your procedure is essentially what we suggested it would be before you met the doctor. It would simply be $9,000 including all fees. Assuming that this all sounds good to you and you are still looking for December, we should go ahead and get you on the calendar with your deposit. How does that sound?”
  4. It is ok to be yourself. Again, it doesn’t matter how you ask, but it does matter that you ask. “So would you like to proceed?” works as well as “Did you want to select a date for the procedure?” The key is to ask directly with both confidence and eye contact.
  5. Be quiet. Once you have asked, wait for an answer. Whoever speaks first loses. It may feel like an eternity, but 5-10 seconds later the patient will decide and then answer. If you have followed the 7 Steps, patients will say yes in around 70% of the consultations you perform.

With this issue, The 7 Steps to Making the Sale series is complete. Stay tuned for more great tips and ideas to help you grow your practice and contact us today if you wish to speak with our team to learn how YellowTelescope can “bring your practice goals into focus”.

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