Issue #11 – The 7 Steps to Making the Sale | Step 6 – The Doctor Consultation


Issue #11 – Step 6 to Making the Sale – The Doctor Consultation

Once we have established rapport, reviewed the patient’s goals & needs, “built up” the doctor by highlighting accolades, reviewed the procedure exhaustively, and performed a trial close (feeling out patient timeframe, financial readiness, and handling objections), there are only two steps left to complete the sale.  Indeed, the patient is now fully educated, and ready to book in-office for an exact date today if she loves the doctor and her recommendation is clear. Here are key tips and a simple outline of the proper doctor consultation.

  • Get “Prepped” by your Advisor – if you don’t have one, get one or hire YellowTelescope to find your superstar.  Without exceptional people, and there is a paucity of brilliance in many markets, achieving great results is improbable.  Once you have this person, allow them to give you details about the patient before you enter the room.  What are the patient’s goals and concerns? What is the patient budget and timeframe? Is there anything you need to be careful to avoid or that is important to address? By having all of the information, the doctor can tailor the consultation to the patient’s needs. Remember this YellowTelescope Core Belief: “Every time something goes wrong in consultation, it stems from a lack of knowledge on the part of the practice.” So get educated so you can pass the patient’s test!
  • Sit down. Take a few minutes to build rapport – not 1 minute, not 10, but 2-4 minutes of chatting shows you are busy, but care.
  • Ask permission to approach the patient. Do not immediately examine her.  Let the patient know the process and “insulate” for comfort. Then ask permission to approach.
  • Be Directive – not passive, not aggressive.  Give them one clear option. If there are 3 options you feel are important to discuss, do so, but then let them know clearly which is best in your opinion. Waxing poetic and showing vast knowledge only confuses and “a confused mind says ‘no.’” A patient, regnant with information, is only a positive thing if the doctor then directs the patients, organizes the options, and is clear about how to proceed. Click Here to read a past article on the doctor consultation that appeared in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine (PSP), which discusses this topic in more detail.
  • Sit down again and answer questions.  Ask the patient at least three times if they have any questions at all to ensure they feel heard and you appear thorough.
  • Leave things positive with a warm goodbye, coupled with some urgency to try to work with the patient advisor to find a spot on the schedule.

Following these simple steps ensures that your patient coordinator is now equipped to ask for the order in a confident manner. The patient feels heard, comfortable, clear about what is needed, and believes the doctor is thorough. In our next issue, we will discuss the easiest step – which most doctors and salespeople dread most – AFTO (asking for the order).