Issue #8 – The 7 Steps to Making the Sale | Step 3 – Sharing Doctor History & Accolades

Issue #8 – Step 3 to Making the Sale – Sharing Doctor History and Accolades

In issues #6 & #7, YellowTelescope reviewed the first two steps to making the sale: building rapport and properly reviewing patient needs in a consultative fashion. Sales psychology teaches that once buyers feel confident in their sellers, as well as heard and understood, they are now mentally available to hearing why they should purchase. With this in mind, the patient coordinator must now review the doctor’s history and accolades.  At YellowTelescope we call this “building up” the doctor to a demi-god status.   Below we outline a typical doctor “stump speech,” which builds up YellowTelescope’s co-founder, Dr. Epstein,  along with comments on the psychology and reasoning behind what is being accomplished in the mind of a patient.

  • “Now that I understand your goals, before I review the details of the procedure, let me tell you just a bit about our practice to ensure you are well educated on our ideas and process.”
    Barriers to Purchase Resolved: Are they going to explain why this doctor is great? And when they do, will it be too salesy?
  • “As you may know, Dr. Epstein has been in private practice for over 18 years and has personally performed over 10,000 procedures.” Barrier to Purchase Resolved: Does this doctor have experience?
  • “He is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon and he does specialize in the procedures you desire. He is residency and fellowship trained and scored #1 in the country on his medical board exams.  Dr. Epstein does perform around ___ of these procedures every month and over ___ per year so you are in great hands.” Barriers to Purchase Resolved: Is he well educated? Can I trust this doctor specifically regarding this procedure?
  • “I can certainly show you a number of magazines and TV shows in which the doctor has been featured like GQ, W, Elle, Essence, Geraldo, Bravo and Nightline, but we prefer to really focus on our results. We feature several thousand  before/after photos, nearly 1000 patient testimonials, and over 400 YouTube videos, as regardless of how great a doctor’s education or marketing is, the proof is in the results.” Barriers to Purchase Resolved: Is my doctor well known and is that an important factor? Even though I do care about TV and magazines, how do I really know the doctor does great work and doesn’t just have a good PR firm?  This doctor is not arrogant and relies on results more than his image even though he has a great image and national presence.
  • “With all of that said, as this is a big decision and you have a very good sense of our practice and doctor, let me now walk you through the procedure, what you want to avoid and how we create natural and impressive results.” This is your transition into the fourth step of making the sale: educating your patient on what they wish to avoid.

By writing, practicing, and mastering your own “stump speech” to build up your doctor and practice, sales proliferate. Each sentence and accolade provides a rationalization for a higher price, in turn building value.  As our ultimate goal is to create a perceived value that surpasses a stated price in order to get an immediate “yes” from each patient, the method of outlining in a humble, but confident, fashion why your physician is an outstanding option is paramount.  Each patient might have five to ten barriers to purchase and our goal with the third step to making the sale is to address and eliminate all of them.

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