Issue #7 – The 7 Steps to Making the Sale – Step 2 – Review Needs and Consult


Issue #7 – Step 2 to Making the Sale – Review Needs and Consult

In issue #6, YellowTelescope reviewed how to properly Build Rapport – the 1st step to making the sale. Step 2 is to properly review needs in a consultative fashion. Sales psychology teaches that buyers must feel heard and not simply be heard. Common misdemeanors committed by doctors and patient consultants alike include not asking for the patients goals, asking but not confirming understanding, and gathering goals at the wrong time.

  • Goal Gathering – selecting a surgeon and procedure is a consultative process. Patients who are given recommendations or counsel before their goals and apprehensions have been expressed are usually left with a feeling that the doctor and team are not thorough. This loses the sale. Directly after building rapport, be sure to gather objectives even if they were covered over the phone before the consultation.
    • YellowTelescope Magic Word Track: “So tell me what you would like the doctor to be able to do for you…”
  • “Parroting” – most team members and doctors do gather goals, but many do not confirm understanding. There is a vast difference between hearing and comprehension. Often the concept being elucidated by a patient is not fully grasped. In other cases, it is understood wholly, but the patient cannot confirm the doctor’s comprehension. Be sure to both gather goals, but also understand them. Do so by repeating, or “parroting” the goals back to the patient in detail.
    • YellowTelescope Magic Word Track: “Great. If I am hearing you and understanding you correctly, your goal is for me to…”
  • Timing Matters – Gathering and confirming goals must be done directly after building rapport for several reasons:
    • Until you have done so the patient continues to question your understanding, can fixate on the feeling of not being heard, and remain mentally unfocused for the balance of the consultation
    • Gathering necessary information after the procedure is described or after a recommendation is given increases the chances that the suggested course of action does not match their goals and needs.
    • The doctor and consultant are speaking to the patient “blindly,” which dramatically decreases close percentage versus having the ability to tailor the information and consultation to the patient’s objectives.

In summary, build rapport, then immediately ensure you fully comprehend the patient’s goals. Repeat those goals back to the patient and confirm that your understanding truly meets their expectations. Once this is complete we are ready for the 3rd Step to Making the Sale: Sharing Doctor & Company History, which will be covered in our next issue of the YellowTelescope Newsletter.

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