• Sit Down – The first thing every doctor should do after shaking hands and looking a patient in the eye with a warm greeting is to sit down and relax. Do not approach the patient or start evaluating the probable procedure recommendation. Remember to “date before asking for her hand in marriage.” Lean back, review the patient chart, and learn about the goals of the patient.
    1. YT Magic Wordtrack: “Hi __, how are you? Great – it’s a pleasure to meet you. Let me grab a seat here..so, I know your patient advisor has likely covered some great info, but in your own words, tell me a little more about what you’d like me to be able to do for you…”
    2. Why it works: Sitting down shows you are not rushed and willing to take time. This, in turn, helps patients to feel relaxed.5 minutes with a person sitting with you feels longer than 5 minutes with a person standing over you and much of medical sales is about perception. Imagine a 10-hour flight without any reading materials or television versus one with movies, food, books, and magazines. Create the feeling of time and attention by relaxing, sitting, and engaging the patient in casual conversation.
  • Ask Permission to Land – Once the patient goals are collected, repeat them back to validate that you have listened. Then, ask if there is anything else to ensure you have given the patient a chance to feel fully heard. Then, finally, “ask permission to land” and proceed to examine the patient.
    1. YT Magic Wordtrack: “Excellent. This all sounds sensible and achievable. Now that I comprehend your goals, would it be ok if I were to take a closer look and examine you so I can explain what is possible? Of course, this will be painless, just a cursory examination…”
    2. Why it works: Many patients dread medical exams or fear pain. This statement “insulates” the patient. Further, patients dislike being touched, particularly in the area of their body they are self-conscious enough about to have surgery to improve. Their comfort is earned with time. Providing fair warning helps patients prepare mentally to be approached. Lastly, this method helps patients to feel the doctor is caring and sensitive.
  • Be Directive – Never Passive, Never Aggressive, but be Directive – this is a common YellowTelescope mantra. Be unambiguous about the choices available and tell each patient what you would recommend in no uncertain terms. You are the expert, so act like the expert!
    1. YT Magic Wordracks: “Based on my ___ years of experience and just getting a sense of these things after ___ procedures, it is clear that the best approach is….” Or “In your case, you do have 3 options, all of which would work well…explain A…Explain B…Explain C…but if you were my daughter/son, I’d strongly recommend option B because…”
    2. Why it works: It is important to remember that a confused mind always says “no.” Patients tend to be unsure and are coming to see the doctor to gain clarity, not 15 different options. So it is the job of the doctor to direct the patient to the option he/she genuinely believes is best. Patients want, almost need, to have a clear direction or they will select nothing at all. An example comes from the book Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, in a study conducted by Sheena Iyengar. In this study, where grocery shoppers are given a choice of 2 jams and jellies and then were given a choice of 24 varieties, the assumption that more variety would lead to more people purchasing was false. Fewer options lead to a greater chance of a “yes.”People want easy decisions from a source they trust. You are the source of trust and your direction helps each patient make the decision to say “yes” today to the procedure that will build their confidence for a lifetime.
  • Anything Else? You Sure? – Finish your portion of the consultation by asking what other questions the patient has several times to ensure you have answered every question. Let them know if they forgot any questions, you are around and they can email you personally or contact your patient consultant. Shake hands again and build urgency for their booking. The rest will take care of itself.
    1. YT Magic Wordtrack: “Any other questions you can think of? Great – are you sure? Wonderful. Well, my team is around and you can feel free to email me directly anytime if there is anything we can do for you. I know our schedule is very full most of the time, but my staff will be able to try to work with your schedule assuming you would like for me to be your doctor. Thanks so much and great meeting you.”
    2. Why it works: It is warm and authentic. It reconfirms you have been scrupulous and the patients remember you asking this several times and associate the doctor with detail orientation. It even helps your office seem busier, which makes people want to pick you more.

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