2018 Event Testimonials

2018 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Annual Feedback Statistics – 2018 YellowTelescope Training Seminar:

  • Overall Experience – 9.68 out of 10
  • Hotel Experience – 8.77 out of 10
  • Education Quality – 9.42 out of 10
  • Advance Course/Breakout Experience – 9.13 out of 10
  • Speaker Quality – 9.54 out of 10
  • Dinner & Cocktail Experience – 9.69 out of 10

Watch testimonial videos from 2018 attendees and keep scrolling to see more written testimonials below:

A dramatic presentation of a new paradigm in scheduling surgery patients, presented with humor and organization. You will miss more than you imagine [if you don’t attend]

Dr. George Sanders – Plastic Surgeon – Encino, California

Very well organized and stimulating meeting. Highly recommend

Dr. Jacob Haiavy – Inland Cosmetic Surgery – Rancho Cucamonga, California

I have learned so much more than I ever thought I could even after 12 years in the industry. Loved. Loved this seminar training. Be present. Be open. Be ready to become a great consultant to take your practice to the next level

T. Mate – Dr. Ross Clevens – Melbourne, FL

Somehow your team manages to put on an even better meeting, year after year. I mean it. Looking forward to returning

Dr. Jeff Segal

Organized, intelligent, honorable, surprising, refreshing, exhilarating. Just do it

Dr. Yarish – Plastic Surgeon – Houston, TX

After attending last year’s seminar, I was so excited to attend the YT Seminar for 2018. As always, Jon and his team exceeded my expectations. The hotel, the entertainment and the education = 5 stars!

Danielle Scott – Patient Lead – Dr. Amir Karam – Carmel Valley, CA

Excellent seminar, great leading/pearls for practice/ business management. No brainer if they want to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their practice

Dr. Matt Brace – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

First of all, I LOVE YOU GUYS! Really feel like this is where I’m supposed to be – this is the place! I like that there are several breakout sessions for different levels and needs of the attendee and loved everyone @YT…


Fantastic seminar! Speakers were engaging and fun to listen to. Breaks were timed perfectly. Given the quality of talks and timing of breaks, I never felt tired or noted my mind wandering (which is common at most seminars). A must attend seminar if you want to increase productivity. I will be returning next year with my whole team.

Dr. Matthew Lewis – Portland, OR

Wonderful experience. We had a blast while learning and reviewing new things. Bring your entire staff. It is SO worth it. We come every year and learn new things every time

Lauren Gregory – Practice Administrator – Dr. Funcik – Charleston, SC

I loved the experience. I didn’t know what to fully expect. The organization of the seminar was perfectly executed. The level of engagement was outstanding. Insightful! I’m excited to take what I’ve learned. It was perfect! I would say “GO”. It should be an absolute necessity to ensure consistency and growth both personally and professionally.

D’Anna Nicholson – Dr. Bob Basu – Houston, TX

What an amazing experience! So much knowledge and such great personalities throughout the entire team. Thank for all the sound advice!” What would you tell future attendees? “Experience Telescope! Even if you only come once, their vision and knowledge is refreshing and inspiring!

Taisha Bartolomi – Patient Concierge – Dr. Subbio – Philadelphia, PA

Year 2 at the seminar & exceeded my expectations yet again! Again, leaving super motivated, recharged, and gained some great pearls to implement. Thank you, Team YT, for all you do! Best investment. Do not hesitate! A must for all practices!

Adrienne Byers – Practice Administrator – Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, NJ

Amazing! All speakers were engaging and informative. I can’t wait to implement these changes when I get back! Can’t wait to come back next year! Do it! Absolutely worth the money – you won’t regret it!

Nualla Rogowski – Dr. Newman – Los Angeles, California

I did not realize how much I didn’t know. Just go!


What would you tell future attendees? “They should do it!

Chelsea Scherp – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Pryor – Rockford, IL

Very interesting to meet existing customers who confirm your approach that may seem to be [the] exact opposite of what we do actually works. Just go. It’s great.


It was a great experience and very informative. I think the information is great for overall improvement

Angel Barboza – Practice Lead – Dr. Korman – Mountain View, California

I have gained tools for my toolbox! The information was exceptional. I am very excited to start a new journey of scheduling/booking at an outrageous rate! It’s worth every minute of lost sleep, cost and fun!

Erica Campos – Patient Care Coordinator – Dr. Margo Herron – Ashland, OR

Enjoyed the seminar. {You will} learn pearls to have a more successful practice in a fun environment


Very informative, so many good pearls. Fantastic speakers and content.” What would you tell folks who are unsure if they should attend? “They absolutely should. (unless they’re our competitor ☺)


The YellowTelescope staff are very confident in their abilities and have a lot to share.

Nadine Harvey – Practice Coordinator – Dr. Krasny, Montreal, Quebec

The overall experience was extremely high quality and professional. Exceeded my expectations. I personally look forward to the advanced breakouts next year – Absolutely Go!

Judy Kozlicki – Dr. Yarish – Houston, TX

Great seminar overall…if your practice needs new ideas or growth strategies, it is worth it


Excellent introduction to overarching concepts. Excellent meeting. You will take away multiple tips that can be implemented immediately

Dr. George Moynihan – Facial Plastic Surgeon – Chicago, IL

Really enjoy this seminar. I tend to get off track and meeting always brings me back!!” What was most impactful? “Breakout sessions. Advance course with Ed

Lisa Serna – Practice Coordinator – Dr. Hopkins – Dallas, TX

I came with an open mind and am leaving having grown personally, full of powerful knowledge and ready to grow my team and crush my goal. This is the highlight of my fall each year. This meeting is unlike any other seminar and if I can only attend one event this year it will always be the YT Seminar. If you have any professional goals this year, then you need to attend. You are investing in yourself which will drive your legacy

Christina Alves – Practice Administrator – Dr. Daniel – Portland, ME

Great review of topics…The in-depth sales discussions, role play {were most impactful}


It’s a great seminar. I have gained a lot of great information.


Loved coming back for a 2nd year! Hearing general information for a second time will be extremely helpful in fine tuning my process. If you are looking for a way to get some pep back in your step and improve your sales skills – Do it!


The seminar was a great refresher on things we already know but need to get back to (back to basics). After going through training and another YT Seminar you hear ways you can adjust what you’re saying and your approach. Attend any time you are given the opportunity to – and do it with an open mind – there is always more to learn and ways to get from good to great


Second time here – I needed a refresher and to get back to basics. So much I had forgotten.” What would you tell people considering attending? “That they NEED to attend – YT is a game changer.

Keri Penrose – Practice Concierge – Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales – Santa Rosa, CA

Exceeded expectations. Worth attending for appropriate team members

Dr. Landon Pryor – Plastic Surgeon – Rockford, Illinois

It was a great refresher!” Suggestions for improvement: “None” What would you tell people unsure if they should attend? “Do it!


The seminar was an eye opener for me!! This was my 4th one & I realized that going back to the basics is necessary for everyone who practices the YT protocol. I had become lax in my phone calls etc. and really needed to refresh myself on the step by step methods. YT VIP Session was awesome! I actually had a light bulb moment!…I didn’t think I needed to attend this year. I actually told my doctor to save his money and let me stay and work. I have been very overwhelmed and feeling like I would never be caught up at work. I needed this seminar more this year because of how I was feeling. I actually learned some valuable techniques to help me plan my day better and feel like I’m a successful PCC not a run-down overwhelmed PCC

Mary Hill – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, TX

I was able to have a 2 day one on one training and then the seminar on the end very impactful…helped reinforce the 7 steps. Gracious hosts! This place is like no other place!! Thank you, Dan!” What would you tell future attendees considering attending? “Do you want to close the sale – yes? YT

Carrie Collins – Patient Coordinator – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, TX

This is a great resource and outlet to sharpen our saw! I always come back refreshed and recharged. Location, food, and content = incredible! LOVED all the NEW SWAG! The BKs, calendar – Extreme Productivity, and note book! The YT VIP – AMAZING!…Tom’s Social Media breakdown – loved it!” What would you tell others unsure of attending? “If you want to stay stagnant, don’t come. If you want to work smarter, not harder, then come. You will learn to make your new patient consult process much more efficient. Not only will you learn how to do this but you will learn WHY!… our team needed this!

Jessica Stavena – Med Spa Manager – Dr. Sukkar – Houston, TX

As a 3rd time attendee, I really enjoyed the Advanced portions. I think it was very helpful in “re-charging” my GGG skills and getting back on track. If you want higher quality patients, have more efficiency and increase sales, go to YT!

Erin Mulder – Dr. Nayak – St. Louis, MO

Extremely beneficial to return and refresh/invigorate! Love the process…game changer. You will see a BIG shift in quality of patients…and increased booking rates/conversion – don’t hesitate!!!

Whitney Fogel – Dr. Nayak – St. Louis, MO

Always a great event and good motivation! It is a must and will turn your practice around!


Always refreshing, good reminders and lots of helpful info. Helpful to talk to other teams to get helpful info. As always, all of the information is beneficial and I am appreciative to be a part of it all☺ Come ready to learn, excited to light the fire with and for your practice.


Amazing! Great energy from everyone, lots of info. Professional and still fun! 100% attend. Great networking and getting ideas from other practice. Very helpful…


Very informative sections and breakouts


Great way to inform practices and boost morale. Hope to be back next year. It’s a wealth of knowledge which will pay for itself

Brianne D’avila – Patient Concierge – Dr. Clevens – Melbourne, FL

Great content and overall experience. Took away some very valuable ideas and tools to help the practice grow. You will definitely take away valuable information that is easily duplicable


I feel like this was a great experience. Everyone was friendly and felt like you’d been friends for years. Great learning experience. Everyone’s talks were equally interesting. Listen well and take notes because it is a long but very enjoyable 2 days. You will learn a lot even if you think you know it all

Amanda Meek – Patient Care Coordinator – University of Tennessee Plastic Surgeons

Great sales refresher course. Brings it back to the basics. Everyone needs to dust their tools off every once in a while. Must go

Morgan Demel – Dr. Yu – San Antonia, TX

Worth it for the specific information/process for success


Worth it for the specific information/process for success


Really wonderful experience. Jon and the team seemed to be reading my mind about tall the topics affecting our practice. Most impactful were the management and leading teams, 1st date-3rd date. I also enjoyed the 5 Dysfunctions of a team. I also appreciated the permission to raise our prices 1-2 times a year. Thank you! Well worth the time and money. Perfect for persons interested in learning from real experts

Patricia Burnett, RN – Practice Manager – Dr. Burnett – Westfield, NJ

I loved everything about the seminar. Just DO IT!


Great material. Great experience, really felt like a VIP here. Valuable information you can use right away to generate more business


If they need this info to get started then it will be really helpful. Great group of guys. Very professional.


Great information – enjoyed how it was applied to real life examples; good format/length of sessions and day; Jon H. and Ed are exceptional speakers. Proven to work; YT will demo how to apply info to your practice. Excellent method


Very educational and walked away with some new things to implement into our practice. I like that its kept small crowd – helps to stay engaged. It’s worth it.


Practical advice we can implement into our practice confidently. It’s a must

Jenny Jergensen – Dr. Scott Thompson – Draper, Utah

Staff was great, friendly and welcoming. Enjoyed pt. consultations segment

Anna DiLullo

It is the only conference truly dedicated to improving practice sales and improving how your practice runs. If your team is perfect, then don’t attend. Otherwise, you are missing out on one of the best opportunities for improvement.

Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, NJ

It was very informative and I learned a great deal that I would like to implement. Very impactful!

Jamie Lear – Dr. Stephen Weber – Lonetree, CO

I’d recommend it and I do


Great experience. We’ll be back. Come!

Kim Crawford – Dr. Martin Jugenberg – Toronto, Canada

The seminar was well organized with a variety of pertinent information to grow my services. This is definitely a great way to give your practice a shot in the arm to improve marketing and operations

Al Da Silva – Director of Operations – University of Tennessee Plastic Surgeons

Great info.” What would you tell others considering attending? “They should


Excellent seminar with good information. Eye opening and practice changing advice


Loved the seminar – very educational. Totally worth it


This was actually really amazing. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of days and can’t wait to start implementing them in our offices. [keep] and open mind – it all makes a lot of sense in the end

Debi Hemenway – Dr. Haiavy – Rancho Cucamunga, CA

This seminar was exceptionally organized and educational. All members of YT were engaging and professional. I would absolutely recommend the “experience”. Event is motivational, informative and educational. For me, the most impactful sessions were related to the practice management, human resources, and human interactions and conflicts

Anthony Orlando – COO – Wise Plastic Surgery – Wayne, NJ

Exceptional education in a fun and engaging way. Would love to continue going for continuing education. Invest and you’ll walk out motivated 100%


I am motivated and excited to start implementing the YellowTelescope Way in our practice. Amazing information☺

Valerie Gale – Patient Concierge

Great speakers, very informative. It’s a must


I have sent many people info about this seminar. I do enjoy the smaller breakouts, but don’t want to miss other important talks. It’s a must to increase your sales for very little cost!

Shirlee Wilson – Practice Administrator – Dr. Barry DiBernardo – New Jersey

This is my second year and the knowledge, suggestions, ideas on how we as a team make the practice succeed, hearing it from the pros and wanting to be at their level is a very unique experience and motivational tool…I am happy and proud to be part of the YellowTelescope team. I plan to be here every year if possible and promote how great and wonderful the YellowTelescope Team is

Christina Hernandez – Dr. Reza Rod – Phoenix, AZ

I love the seminar. I feel like it’s a great place to refresh and recharge. It’s a nice review. Make the investment in your team. It’s been great for us

Lacy Burnett – Practice Manager – Dr. McFadden – Greenville, SC

It was great. You guys made it super fun and entertaining. I learned so much about how to better myself w/in my job and ways to better my office. Why not attend? You learn so much about different aspects of working in your office that will help you out


Fridays – Beginner course w/Ed! Great speaker and information and lively presence


It’s almost become a tradition for me – always great being around the YT Team + other successful practices – social media, productivity planning & Ed. As a multiple repeat attendee, I always get something new to bring home! If you have new hires, take them too

Georgie – Practice Administrator – Dr. Andrew Jacono – New York, NY

Worth the travel. Very well organized, meaningful content. I liked topics being 40-60 minutes. This is enough time to get a little deeper. Gather/Give/Get, networking with other practice highly beneficial. Going through the process of the patient care coordinator. Highly recommend to new administrators, patient care coordinators. Strong general sales training and good overview of managerial principles


Had an amazing time learning. A very well put together seminar. This event will change your perspective on many situations

Sam – Patient Concierge – Houston, TX

If you want more bookings, go!


Anyone in any sales market would get excellent tools to improve


Very informative, fun, and engaging. I highly recommend it! You leave feeling pumped and ready to use what you’ve learned

Norma Corujo – Dr. Andrew Jacono – Long Island, NY

Was a great experience. I learned a lot of useful skills that I’ll be able to feed back to my team members

Jamie Hands – Dr. Andrew Jacono – New York, NY

Very informative. Helps enhance and create new habits to give patients the best experience possible. It not just fun, but very helpful!


Very educational and though provoking. Insightful, common sense and put together in a way employee can follow. Must do!

Dr. Margo Herron – Ashland, Oregon

Wonderful and thorough experience. Invaluable education for practices


Excellent experience. Excellent people, passionate about YT and their program. Recommend


Great sales learning and immediately implementable steps to increase sales. Just do it

Janit Pike – COO – Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Helps get the doctor on the same page as the PCC. As you say, get the docs in the room. Try it


I had a great time! Took away and learned many new things…love the sales presentation too


It was good knowledge and ideas/tips


It was very informative and offers a lot of practical suggestions. This is a great opportunity to learn – not a cushy meeting

Jaclyn Salzman – COO – Dr. Salzman – Louisville, KY

Very good topics and teaching. Attend it!


Overall, great!


Everyone was very educational and approachable – great coaching styles. Great learning tool and very informative


Very fun and educational. Loved the breakout and the opportunity to choose. Great location guys! Be prepared to learn…be open to all the new ideas!


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and feel much better prepared and motivated moving forward


This meeting has educated me on many topics. Well worth it

Heather Meisner – Dr. Weber – Lonetree, CO

Great experience. I learned a lot and will bring it back to implement in the office. Come. It is super informative

Alexas Landis

It was great. Very educational and actually fun! You’ll love it! Super education for Docs and team!

Shelby Price – Dr. Funcik – Charleston, SC

The ideology at YT may not be what you may have been originally “taught” but the method here is so useful and can only help your practice to catapult to the umpteenth level!


Very informative, concise, to the point. You have no idea how beneficial it will be until you go and even if you have an amazing office, there is ALWAYS room for improvement


Great approach. Great way to solidify YT approach. Go

Dr. Joubin Gabbay – Beverly Hills, CA

Great. Great. Great. The tips and tricks exceeded my expectations. Eager to return home and start implementing them. Come prepared to learn great tips and expect to grow!

Ariana Manship

Very well planned and executed with all time beneficial and well spent. Just do it. You won’t regret it

Dr. Sonya Merriman – Valdosta, Georgia