2015 Event Testimonials

2015 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Annual Feedback Statistics – 2015 YellowTelescope Training Seminar:

  • Overall Experience – 9.39 out of 10
  • Speaker Quality – 9.49 out of 10
  • Education Quality – 9.28 out of 10
  • Hotel and Meals – 9.20 out of 10
  • Would you recommend this seminar to others: 97% of attendees responded “Yes” or “Emphatically Yes”

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Just a quick note of gratitude – Yesterday was the first day I followed the Yellow Telescope consultation plan with regard to going into the exam room prior to Dr. Schlechter, chatting up the patient, staying in the room during the consult, and escorting the patient back to the office for the scheduling/financing. Out of the seven consults I had, all but one gave their deposit, and she called today to book her surgery and give her deposit. I have had only one consult so far today, and she is booked with her deposit as well. I just had to let you know that your program has had an incredible impact on me and my approach to my work. Yesterday was my highest sales day ever!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Lynne Reddington
Cosmetic Coordinator

Lynne Reddington
Cosmetic Coordinator

I love this seminar! It is informational and inspiring and I look forward to returning next year. The investment will pay for itself many times over. You would be insane to miss it!

Georgette DeAndressi-Carri
Practice Administrator- Dr. Andrew Jacono- Great Neck, NY

Excellent experience. Great points. Learned some great ideas. Jon was excellent. Well designed and put together. Love thinking outside the box (i.e. it’s good to do non-clinical conferences). We don’t get this kind of training in all our years of schooling.

Dr. David Rockwell
Ophthalmology- Horizon Laser Vision- Phoenix, AZ

Just want to reiterate how awesome this was. You guys made me look at my career with new eye and a clean slate. If I was rating you, you’d get 5++++++ stars. Also, you were so helpful w/ hotel questions and concerns and I felt very taken care of! Hope to be back next year and bring the doctor and manager! Thank you!


I enjoyed the [202] “Round Table” discussions. The Think Tank was fun and enlightening.


Absolutely exceeded all my expectations. Learned a huge amount and am so excited to get back and implement. Made me look at my career in a whole new light and can’t wait to take it to a whole new level…so don’t hesitate, take thorough notes, listen, get ready for very, very helpful tips and knowledge. Worth every minute and $ and lost sleep! ? GO!!!

Misty Waters
Practice Manager- Beverly Hills, CA

Great approach to handling new patient phone calls. Rapport building emphasized which is great. I’m eager to implement this in the office. Attend with patient coordinator and maybe receptionist.

Dr. Bill Bruno
Plastic Surgeon- West Hollywood, CA

I feel I am more motivated as a PCC. I also feel that our practices stands out more than others – refreshing!! Jon and Ed are extremely motivating and Jill is a positive addition!!!


202 Breakout sessions [were most impactful for me]- you get perspectives of other practices. I gained more from this than anything else. I think for practices that are new and practices that don’t use YT as consultants, 101 is most helpful.

Mary Hill
Patient Coordinator- Dr. Sam Sukkar- Houston, TX

I am always excited about what I learn at the seminars! Smaller [202] discussions/Think Tanks are great!


Can’t talk this meeting up enough! I laughed, I learned and met so many wonderfully unique individuals. Doctors, experienced consultants, and bright new people who are excited to be entering similar fields like me.


It’s great. You’ll learn a lot and it’s all actionable.


Excellent seminar that really addresses essential skills that every practice can benefit from.  Stay away! I don’t want you to learn any of this – ha! – Dr. Adam Hamawy – Princeton, New Jersey

Dr. Adam Hamawy
Princeton, NJ

Great! Very informative.

Allie Israelson
Practice Administrator-Nayak Plastic Surgery-St. Louis, MO

DO IT. Very informative, not boring Can’t wait to come back!

Erin Robbins
Patient Manager-Nayak Plastic Surgery-St. Louis, MO

This was a very informative seminar. It was entertaining and seems very usable which is so important. Everything is realistic and gave us so many more ideas.


Great take home ideas you can implement immediately. Amazing speakers.

Teresa Stevens
Pediatrician-Ft. Myers, FL

If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, you need to attend.

Avani Nayak
Nayak Plastic Surgery-St. Louis, MO

Lots of great information. Concrete ideas for patient coordinators to take home and put it to use. Looking forward to tracking results.


Definitely should attend at least once for each staff member in a sales position.


Great. Awesome. Helpful. Lots to think about. Many new questions to consider for practice. Now it’s all about implementation.


I was a little nervous, anxious, uncertain about this experience – especially being one that loses focus quickly. These guys amazed me with entertainment, new ideas and am excited for future endeavors.

Chelsea Bender
Patient Coordinator-Dr. Ron Russo-Champaign, IL

Each section was so impactful and I really took so many new ideas to run with!


Definitely make sure final decision maker attends the 1st seminar for practice (usually doctor). Usually this way all decision makers are excited to share ideas and are on board with the different YT ideas.


Great ideas. Innovative ways to help build the practice. Staff YT exceptional.


Experienced speaker. Related a lot of if not most to realistic examples in practices. Picked up a lot of great tips from seminar and meeting other attendees. Worth the investment. Very interesting. Kept attention entire seminar.

Jodi Brown
Practice Manager-Princeton, NJ

Great sales meeting on how to sell in the office.


I enjoyed the fact that I was able to benefit from very topic even if it didn’t directly apply to me. “What would you tell future attendees about this event…” – That they would benefit in ways they haven’t even thought of.

Ossy Morris
Front Desk Manager-Dr. Richard Westreich-New York, NY

Very informative, positive, helpful and entertaining. I’m now the most motivated that I’ve ever been. You must attend. They’re awesome.

Vanessa Williams
Patient Corrdinator-Beverly Hills, CA

This seminar was very organized and reiterates that our practice is doing all of the right things. Yes! Definitely go because your practice will run like a well-oiled machine if you implement what they teach.

Danielle Conner
Patient Coordinator-Santa Rosa, CA

Highly recommend! Every PCC and PM should attend.


The meetings were great. Hotel good and dinner were exceptional. Topics covered were spot on and useful.


Well worth it! Very practical. All speakers are dynamic!


Extremely relevant and helpful.

I feel empowered; ready to implement all I’ve learned. This is a definite “Go To” event, top notch, information packed, highly empowering.

Lynne Reddington
Sr. Patient Coordinator-Dr. Benjamin Schlechter- Wyomissing, PA

Very informative. I learned a lot. Definitely worth it.


I believe this event did a good job digging into the art of selling in plastic surgery and explaining the importance of relationship building. Great PM skills too!

Melbourne, FL

Well organized. Kudos to Jill for putting it all together. Valuable!


Excellent information on making your practice better.

Dr. Patrick O’Neill
Plastic Surgeon-Charleston, SC

Come with an open mind and learn! While not everything is a perfect fit for your practice, YT has exceptional concepts. Get these ideas before your competitors.

Practice Manager

This is a great meeting for people starting off who need direction or established practices who need reassurance they are doing it right.


Jon is an amazing speaker. Great venue, great food and Jon is great.


What a great educational experience. I enjoyed Jon’s presentation the best. He was so confident, fun and engaging. Their systems are clear, and I really look forward to seeing how effective small adjustments can help the practice. Best sales and strategy conference you could attend. Definitely worth the investment.

Taylar Shermer
Los Angeles, CA

Do you want a real day to day plan to increase revenue and better your practice? Then YT is the answer.


I understand logic. YT is logic. Well planned, clear, feels bulletproof.

Jeromine Ehrlich
Practice Manager- Los Angeles, CA

Very educational. Motivates me to challenge myself.


I think it was a great way to refresh and refocus on different aspects of business. I really liked that it was more in depth and less superficial. Most conferences are not as in-depth on topics.

Practice Manager

Great – good information – good interchange. Fast – a lot covered – confirmation on a lot I have always believed in. A clear direct way to run your practice and great support.

Janet Cohen
Practice Owner- Boca Raton, FL

Very informative.


Definitely a group of successful knowledgeable individuals that give you the keys to drive your office to make more profitable sales and seal the deals!


Seminar was great! Very energetic group! Would definitely enjoy coming again! My goal was to come and gain 1 new piece of knowledge today and that was a success!


I thought this was an amazing conference. From the beginning, the staff was extremely hospitable and welcoming. The information provided is useful and I can see us putting these into action immediately. Having info from previous YT seminars has helped our business grow in the past year. The smaller group allows for better networking and the opportunity to ask questions. The presenters are fun, knowledgeable and down to earth. The proof is in the their philosophy with tried and true tactics on leadership, sales, education and staffing.

Celina Rodriguez
Patient Coordinator- Dr. Douglas Stevens- Ft. Myers, FL

If you are ready to step your practice up to the next level, this is an excellent conference to invest in.

Dr. Douglas Stevens
Plastic Surgeon- Ft. Myers, FL

Great personalities and humor but excellent content, which has already improved my practice. We are ready for step 2 – which may require some additional staffing.


Very good content. Excellent speaker. Well organized. YellowTelescope Team is great! Very good practice information that you can immediately use to improve your practice and processes.

Lori Poznansky
Allergan Representative- Ontario, Canada

The information given is useful, no matter your area of practice or position within that practice. Future attendees can find useful information about themselves, staff and patients and how to use that information to become successful.

Jacqueline Burdge

I enjoyed John Berry’s discussion.


I have felt motivated and excited to put into practice some of the new skills obtained. You owe it to yourself to grow your business and you must provide the tools to do it.

Denise Beckler
Patient Coordinator-Dr. Douglas Stevens-Ft. Myers, FL

Overall, extremely motivational and educational. Jon’s style and content were the highlights.


I felt it was an easy formula to use and will be easy to replicate/alter to our own and other.


It is very helpful and informative on how to break the ice and become more comfortable selling surgery. Learning a lot about how to act in different scenarios.


Very helpful and entertaining. Gave me good ideas to bring back to my practice and try to implement the things I learned.


Loved the first day the most: we have many new tools to bring back to our doctors.


I have learned more at this meeting than the normal society meetings except for the multispecialty meeting. I will be able to bring many ideas to my staff. Extremely helpful for managers, doctors and patient reps that want to make more money and grow the practice.


As a new PC my experience has empowered me to delve into plastic surgery sales with more zeal and information. I loved it! Wrote copious notes! Listened, loved, and enjoyed! All the information is useful and helpful!

Martina Hairston
Patient Coordinator-Dr. Paul Vitenas-Houston, TX

What sections/talks/ideas were most impactful? – Breakout session with 202+303, idea sharing, building off of last year’s info.


It is impossible to leave this event without having a greater understanding of who to grow personally, professionally, and maximize your team’s output!

Practice Administrator- Boca Raton, FL

It was a great refresher for myself that drew me back into the big picture. At the same time, it finally aligned the doctor with the WHY and WHAT I do – it reduced my daily workload by eliminating duplicate work and yet grew my to do list with tips and ideas to bring back to my practice.


Even more organized than last year! ATTEND!

Dr. Tom Funcik
Facial Plastic Surgeon-Charleston, SC

Something about your company’s presentation really resonates with me. I “get” exactly what you’re saying and it makes sense. So looking forward to seeing how my team felt and helping to get the whole office to get on board with these protocols. DO IT!!

Amy Miller
Practice Manager- Dr. Douglas Stevens- Ft. Myers, FL

No question – you have to attend. Our practice is successful because of them.

Lauren Gregory
Practice Manager-Dr. Tom Funcik-Charleston, SC

I’ve been coming for 3 years now. It gets me excited about my job. I feel I fall behind on some things throughout the year and YT gets me back on Track. Jon and the YT Team are amazing!!!


The experience was great. I love the discussions and sharing in the [202 and 303] small groups. How important it is to hear other practices perspectives and the chance to discuss them. This allows us to re-evaluate our own.

Leticia Sifuentes
Practice Administrator-Dr. Sam Sukkar-Houston, TX

It was a great refresher of the YT Concept. I loved the open forum in 202 breakout sessions – wish we had slightly more time. I would like to have a 3rd day of info. Make the investment in you and your team!

Jessica Stavena
Patient Coordinator-Dr. Sukkar-Houston, TX

They will gain a lot of knowledge to increase their practice revenue.


This course gives me confidence and a better ability to sell.